Surprise electoral results, QC’s future in CA, miscellaneous, moving date set, small screens cause discomfort


Despite it really being no matter of my concern these days, at least, not since I made my move to Ontario, I can’t help following, even if only peripherally, the provincial election results from yesterday.

To my surprise, for the first time since the seventies, the Parti Quebecois is no longer in either control, or is the official Opposition Party.

The opposition is now controlled by parti Action Democratique du Quebec, led by Mario Dumont.

In fact, the PQ took a tremondous loss despite a new leader, Andre Boisclair : young, full of vigour and fresh ideas on how he could bring the party to victory and to redefining Quebec’s place in Canada.

He won’t be party leader for long, I guess now.

This might represent a change in public attitudes now. Maybe citizens of Quebec/Canada are no longer interested in hearing the drums on seccession? After all, what has dragging that old issue done, but leave Quebec nearly destitute, with businesses scrambling to move their operations somewhere less chaotic? With students now demanding from the provincial education department that they be allowed to learn english, since they cannot do utside of Quebec, not being to speak the lang franca?

Monies that could have been earmarked for other major issues, always being used to keep either one side promoting federalism, or the other, sovereignty, while, for example, overpasses crumble to pieces, killing people.

With a $127 billion debt load, how would Quebec, in the unlikely chance that it won independence tomorrow, be able to maintain the current status quo?

It cannot.

Quebec needs to realize that without Canada, it is nothing!

The fact that Quebecer opposed to Canada are allowed to rail, to continously play the referendum card, shows a true democracy, one that doesn’t crush a people’s spirit because it happens to disagree.

Canada needs to come to terms as well. that Quebec is the birthplace of Canada. It all started here. The contributions that the French have made to our country’s development, should be honoured and protected. We need to recognize this.

Canada spends far too much time protecting the interests of new minorities that have emigrated from all over the world, to the point that it has forgotten its shared past. Our heritage. One that is unique.

Two very different systems of government and justice, and yet somehow, they managed to forge one of the purest forms of democracy left today. One that stands out from all the other G8 nations.

I love the joie de vivre of Quebec. I love it’s peoples. I understand the citizens of Quebec’s fear that thier uniqueness will fade as the global economics forces that drive our nations make it irrelevant. Money is becoming the reason that we are losing our identidies.

Do you think you’re irrelevant?

Would you not scream and fight to preserve your tomorrows?

Probably not.

My name is Christopher Peter King. I AM CANADIAN and I AM A QUEBECOIS!

The two are NOT diametrically opposed.


I was outside shovelling snow off the back patio, so that it will dry off faster and make it hospitable and inviting, should one wish to sit out there for a spell.

It reminded me of something my Mom and I saw as we were driving home from Noreen’s apartment at Residences St. Moritz Sunday. A family was outside, busily shovelling snow off their lawn, and onto the street.

It’s not like the ground will get any drier tomorrow so that the children can play in the front yard on their hands and knees.Are people that desperate for Spring and the warmer weather that they would their time so?

For Check Point Zone Alarm Pro firewall users, there’s yet another update to download. What pisses me off is that you have to download the entire installation software, rather than just the stuff that needs to modified.

When you’re on dial-up, this can lead to a series of colourful metaphors.


Started getting back to work on categorizing what’s been done so far ‘tween myself, Drew and the students on loan from Seneca College’s Library Technician program.

Right now it’s catch-up with all the backlog of handwritten records. I have to make certain first that the records have been accurately recorded in the Microsoft Office XP database file that we are using to store everything for now, until we can come up with a better alternative. After the records have been entered. I then go to the National Canadian Library and Archives web site, called Amicus, and their catalogue section, so as to ensure all the proper extraneous information is entered.

It’s quite the job, and time consuming. UGH!!!!!!!


Mom called around 15h00 from St. Mary’s. She said she had been trying to get through to the house for the past hour or so. I had been offline since just after signing off from Windows Live Messenger and Drew, which was around 14h15, and gone upstairs to the kitchen to prepare the rosemary baked potatoes, so I have no idea as to why she was unable to place her call.

Noreen will be moved to le Vivalis this Thursday. I’m guessing that the hospital could not provide reasonable answers as to why Noreen was being mistreated while in their care.


I’m feeling much better now.

I had a headache starting to roll in around 15h00. It’s from watching too much telly on a seventeen inch computer screen. Wouldn’t happen if I wasn’t so frickin’ lazy and transferred my movies off the computer and onto a CD or DVD so I could instead watch them on the much larger screen in the family room.


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