Soil, sorting, cards, white


I woke up walked outside this morning on to the back patio to let Corky do his morning absolutions, as I always do, to discover a backhoe operating in the still forested lot just east of my parent’s place, on Rue de la Goudrelle. It wasn’t there for long. The machine operator appeared to be filling Zip-loc bags with earth. He and the backhoe crawled their way back to the road shortly thereafter, to an awaiting flatbed truck. Dad figures that the new developer must be doing a soil and water check, which means a new house could be going up at some point 😦

These tests are being done because there have been some problems in Saint Lazare with new residential developments and water. The top soil, such as it, has very little absorption capacity, as it sits on a red clay base underneath. Perfect for coniferous forests and birch trees, which you’ll find all over, especially in la Forestier, a conservation area just south of here. Terrible if you’re looking for that perfect lawn (for example Mom and Dad had to have 12 inches of top soil imported to their lot after their house was built, and they’re still having problems in key areas in getting grass to grow. I have suggested using sedge instead to fill in the blanks). When it rains or the snow melts, lawns just become lakes and the grass drowns, or it’s swept away completely by the streams and temporary creeks that pop up all over the area. Some of the lots in this development will never have anything done with them, because of this, so their natural pristine quality should remain for a while, at least.


Mom’s upstairs, going through some of the boxes we had packed up last week at Noreens. Now comes the culling, reducing each box down to the bare necessities. Noreen will not need most, if not all of it, at le Vivalis. Most of what is being left for Noreen is more of a peace of a mind thing than for any other reason. Still, Mom was able to downsize four boxes to one.


Mom, Dad and Coleen are upstairs in the kitchen playing Whiskey, a card game that Mom keeps inviting me to learn to play. I wish I had more interest sometimes. I remember fondly the nights when the grandparents were all alive, and they would be over at our old home on Vincennes, in Pointe-Claire. I could be anywhere in the house, and could them all chirping and laughing away. You would think that my sister Laura and I would have picked up on that and carried on into the next generation.

Instead, nothing. When Laura and Jon visit, they just sit around the living room with Mom and Dad and chat. As for me, I exert most of my energies into doing chores and cooking. Manual labour stuff which I enjoy. Stuff that Laura and Jon would never do, even though they seem to expect Mom and Dad to help them when there are certain jobs which they do not posess skills for, to be done at their home in the Beach, Toronto.


Coleen gave me this Ionic White teeth whiterning kit that her friend Anne in Pickering, gave to her as a gift, forgetting that Coleen wore dentures. So Coleen gave it to me to give it a whirl. The instructions call it "a light activated tooth whitening system". Essentially the gels contain silver ions which activate when exposed to this harmless blue LED light in the mouthpiece (looks like an oversized retainer to me). All I know is that it works fine, and that’s good enough for me.


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