In case of emergency, drop and tuck


Weather : Snow, Wind E at 16 mph, Humidity 87%

Playing : Last of the Mohikans theme – Riverdance

Mood : Black – tense, stressed, working too hard

I guess we would have been on the road tomorrow, heading back down for the Dot so as to get me home in time for my appointments, do a little house work and see the rest of the family while my parents were still there, except for this little nor’easter that has decided to move in and wallop the central east and north east coasts. Depending on where you are at this moment in those given areas, you’re going to see a heck of a lot of weather. I so far have heard tornadoes, snow, intense thunder boomers, lightning, snow, sleet, and hail. I certainly would not want to be a postman with their binding oath at this second. I’d just leave the darn mail and head for the hills, or Arizona. When the mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg, is personally broadcasting public alerts on television, advising residents where to go in case of emergency, you just know it’s not going to a pic-nic.

When I was last outside, at 19h00, to clean the propane barbeque, it was still raining. An hour later and the ground is already covered with snow. Frank Cavallero, the main man when it comes to doing the weather on CTV Montreal, curse his soul, is predicting upwards of 15-25 cm of snow, with winds possibly as high as 80 kmp.

We might lose our power and water, so I’m writing this as quick as I can, just in case.


So it looks like it will be either Tuesday now, or Wednesday, depending on how soon this literally blows over, before we pack up the van. I’ve paid my final visits to both grandparents and said my goodbyes for now, promising them that I won’t stay away for long.

The weather outside is frightful, If I were a rich man, & keeping time in a bottle


Weather : Snow, 1* C, Wind E at 14 mph, Humidity 93 %

Playing : E.R – CTV

Mood : Duh?


has just entered the Den as I begin this current entry, his fur coat damp as all get out. He’s the ONLY creature here right now that remains undismayed by the fact that there is at least 3 inches of snow has already covered the ground.

Just finished dinner and brushing my teeth, which are still getting whiter incidentally. Sat down thinking I had something to write about, but instead I’m drawing a blank. I’m going for a smoke and to sulk 😛


Mood: Jubilant

The snow has stopped for now. Gawds I hope it’s all melted by tomorrow (fingers crossed).


Mood : Pensive

I’m still thinking about getting a newer computer, but so far am a tad uncertain as to what exactly I want. From what I have been advided by the Geek Squad at Best Buy, purchasing any model now with less than a gig of RAM DDR and minimum 160 GB hard drive is pointless, expecially if I want to ever give Windows Vista Premier a whirl. That’s the version where everything has a 3 dimensional twist, which might be important at some point, maybe.

I was looking at an Xplio 1110 DE Desktop computer, which is on clearance at Bureau en Gros. I tried googling the brand name, but could not find anything on it aside from two pages, and those were eBay and…. Drum rolls please…. Bureau en Gros. Hmmmm. Someone commented/clarified who they were a bit in a forum posted online by stating that Xplio was a made to order brand for Staples similar to the deal that E-machines had with Future Shop prior to being bought over by Gateway computers. I have no idea if that is good or bad. The other one is made by Compaq, one of the two brands of PC that Laura would buy. Although I do love my sister dearly, she has her own needs and opinions, not all of which I share.

I don’t even know why I’m looking either. Guess I’m being unduly influenced by the knowledge that I do have some money set aside (thanks Mom) and because everyone else the last few weeks seems to getting new toys, and all I have is an electric rasor. I haven’t even done anything for me since I got here, not that I would be able to. It galls me to have a frickin drivers liscence, and not be able to even drive the six year old van into downtown Saint Lazare all of 10 minutes away from here.

Once again, my entire time here has been spent playing the part of the helpful hands. Laura and Jon come down (on the odd occasion) and they get to make plans. Me, my travels are limited to visitations at senior citizen residences and what I can find on the .Net (dial-up). The last time I was able to go somewhere on my own and do something was well over two years now. It’s discouraging. There aren’t even any public buses connecting here to the Island. Much as I do love coming here, it would be nice to be able to have an out sometimes.

Guess I what I really need to do is just remember that I came here to relax, which I have done so far, and that although I do have money, I do not need to spend it right away. There will be other opportunities down the road, unless one suddenly cuts out into the middle of the passing lane.

20h04, Friday

Mood : Dopey, tired

Getting over a slight headache again. Did a lot of rushing around this afternoon in a short period of time, purchasing a few more items for the apartment. Decided I could wait a while yet for a new computer, since Mom bribed me to bide my time until Christmas, when she and Dad could chip in with part of the money I have by then put away and get one big gift of a higher grade PC than the one I had in mind. Maybe even an iMac.

Downloads from Filehippo would be updates to Adobe Flash Player, for IE and Firefox both. I think the biggest benefit for this software is being to play the birthday eCards you receive from your friends annually in your inbox, otherwise, it seems mostly to be used to overwhelm viewers with dynamic commericials in web sites you like visiting.

11h06, Saturday

Weather : Cloudy 4* C, Wind W at 7 mph, Humidity 87%

Playing : You Make My Dreams Come TrueHall & Oates

Mood : Dark Blue – impassioned, delighted, whiff of romance

Cute, started by opening this and type, but then made the mistake of opening my Thunderbird program only to get sucked into the pile of emails that have been piling up in my various account inboxes, so it is now 45 minutes since then. I would have taken care of all this sooner, but I only actually get to be online for such a little time these days that when I do, I don’t even want to waste one valuable second normally.

It seems like everyday there’s a new update to one of the programs I use frequently. Today, my Roboform software, which I use to automatically fill out forms so that I don’t have to, has made its prescence known, and although it will take to the designers homepage, it then goes to another site, to do the actual work. Why do something like that? Such an inconvenience if you’re on dial-up to be taken on a meandering trip.

My parents and I are going onto the Island a bit later on after lunch, and into N.D.G. to pick up the now completed frames that we dropped off at Gemst. I remember the gentlemen who took the order telling my Mom at the time that it would be costly, despite it being at Noreen’s expense. I’m curious what someone who works in a not cheap field like that means by "not cheap".

Tim tidbits, Bummed on Betas, Paving paradise, Scanning through memories of happy times.

17h22, Tuesday

Weather: mostly cloudy 4*C, wind W 12 mph, humidity 27 %

Playing: Anyway You Want It (Journey)

Mood: Amber : nervous, on edge, uncertain

Coleen’s home. Yay. Chirpy and energetic, so she must have had a good weekend.

Another download from FileHippo. Ad-Aware 2007 Beta 5 (another beta, groan), the popular (and free) anti-spy/ad-ware program from Lavasoft, which is one of essential programs I make certain just about everyone I personally deal with has. The folks from Lavasoft are in the final rounds with this version before they release it to the general public. One more beta to go though. It’s also part of the Google Pack of software that is touted by those whacky Google folks to be the most necessary for your everyday personal use. Some of it’s quite interesting, although I don’t use it all personally.


online as I type this out. He’s decided that he has had enough of living in Dundas, ON and moved back to the Dot, obstensibly to look for work. Hopefully, he’ll concentrate on that, and stay out of the gay village except for the odd visit. I’m just glad to read that he’s back. I really like his quirkyness and hope that we can get together soon.


Weather : Cloudy, 2* C, Wind NW 12 mph, humidity 36%

Playing : House on Global

Mood : Amber : nervous, on edge, uncertain

Ad-aware PRO 2007 was a bust. No mention at FileHippo that this was a beta version, good for only 16 days, of Lavasoft’s Pro version of their software, which you get when you actaully pay for the program. Cool icon though. You get some extras when you do fork over the cash, such as Ad-Shield 2007, which is supposed to suppress extraneous advertisements. I have yet to see a program like that, with the exception of Ad-Muncher. I’ll stick with the SE version and be done with it.

Chatted with my sister Laura on the telephone, from her home in the Beach. She’s doing well, as is her hubby Jon. They had just spent a lovely Easter weekend with Jon’s mom, Mary-Lynn and her husband Richard, who had come up from their home in Rochester, New York.

I wanted to comfirm with Laura that my new TV stand was still up for grabs, as well as Laura’s old computer desk, which I had originally passed up when it was first offered tentatively.

11h35, Wednesday

Weather : Sunny with cloudy periods, 1* C, Wind NE at 8 mph, Humidity 56 %

Playing : the Getaway (Hillary Duff)

Mood : Blue : Comfortable, breezy, at rest, loveable

Good-bye forest, hello to another house. I can hear them chopping trees from down in the basement. The sound always sends chills through my blood.

I don’t think this was the idea when my parents moved out here 5 years ago that the development would be flooded with new houses that no none other than employees of PF Contruction would be living in until a real person actually bought the property. I guess the writing was on the wall when I spotted that guy a few weeks ago taking soil samples in the still undeveloped area just to the east of my parents backyard. Melinda, my parents next door neighbour, is going to be pissed. I know my mom is upset. Now we close the blinds to the back gazebo when we eat dinner, as she doesn’t want people looking in.

I’m wondering how this will affect all the birds that Mom is enamoured with. She was looking forward to seeing the hummingbirds again, for example. Now, they may not come back, seeking a more secluded area, far away from the machinations of mankind.



Playing : God’s Will (Martina McBride)

Mom’s new scanner arrived to the sound multiple dogs barking from the respective beds (lazy bastiches). I made an error with the brand. It’s an HP ScanJet G4010, not a Canon like I thought. Only took one day for delivery, and no charge for that at all. Way to go Bureau en Gros, for daring to defy common greed and actually thinking of your customers instead. Guess this means I can now add a scanner to my inventory of things going back home with me.


Playing : You Are loved (Don’t Give Up) – Josh Groban

Mood : Amber – Nervous, on edge, uncertain

Hokey, I just re-installed Ad-Aware 2007 Beta again. I’m funny that way. I started to wonder if registering as a beta tester for Lavasoft might make a difference overall, so that is exactly what I did. Woo hoo!! I still am not entirely certain as to what Ad-Watch 2007 beta does exactly. Aside from the occasional pop-up box alerting me to changes to my system, which is what my Comodo Firewall and Windows Defender does, I think it’s job is to maintain the integrity of my settings. Sometimes, advertisements can alter such things as your home page, and other such stuff, making your computer open for all sorts of mischief.


Yep. According to this PC review, it is a real time shield designed to protect your computer from spy-ware. Doesn’t really say one way or another if it’s actually important though. This is why I do weeklm maintenance with Spy-Blaster, Spy-Bot – Seek & Destroy and Ad-Aware SE, plus a monthly check up with either Windows Live Scan or Trend Micro House Call.


Weather : Sunny with cloudy periods, 3* C, Wind E at 7 mph, Humidity 38 %

Playing : Children – Robert Miles

Mood : Dark Blue – impassioned, delighted, whiff of romance

More software updates from FileHippo. This time another version of uTorrent v.1.70

I was going to comment of how this was my first day almost since I got here that I was completely alone (and how bored I was because of it), but Coleen just walked in so that lays that thought to rest.

11h06, Thursday

Weather : Snow, mixed precipitation, 1* C, Wind E at 13 mph, Humidity 96%

Playing : Flourescent – Gwen Stefani

Mood : Green – stable, stady, no emotional turmoil

The weather lady on CTV Montreal last night was saying that we might get up to 15 cm of mixed snow, etc… I suggested we go online to find out her last name, then locate her house and egg it for daring to even bring up the subject. Silly weather person, grrrrrrr.

Today’s mission is to figure out the HP Solution Center and HP Photosmart Premier software that came with my digital camera and Mom’s Scanjet. I set up everything last night, and I am trying now to see where all the pictures I scanned went to. Guess this is why you need a high speed port on the back of your computer. The transfer time leaves you at a loss until the darn things finally make the trip from one piece of hardware to another.

Darn weather woman was right, may she suffer eternal damnation.

Remember Vimy, I can see clearly now,all She won was this T-shirt

20h39 Monday, Battle of Vimy

Weather : Night

Playing : Degrassi Original Theme Extended (The N Soundtrack)

Mood : Cheerful


Mom returned just about the time she said she would from le Vivalis. Noreen’s ringer on her phone was off. Shit happens sometimes. What is not supposed to happen though is a senior not receiving her medications, especially when she’s been having diarrhea all day. Somebody screwed up, because when my mom went to speak with the attending nurse whilst there, although the Imodium had been checked off on the list, there it still was, nestled on top of the rest of Noreen’s pills. Definite no-no when you consider the amount of monies being paid to ensure that this type of nonesence does not happen. Muriel will be speaking to Susanne, the general manager of the residence, when she goes off duty in the morning.


I forgot to mention that Mom bought herself a belated Christmas gift on Saturday. When I say belated, it’s about three plus years of money received from Nana for a yuletide gift, unspent until now. Mom was having problems seeing her computer screen now, so she had been casting eyes at the LCD flat screen monitors that have since replaced the old cathode tube displays. This weekend she resolved that wish by investing in a 20 inch Acer monitor. It’s nice. I’m sitting two meters away as I right this, and cannot believe just how clear everything is. I want one too now. Guess I’m going to have start saving up my change if I want to see one perched on my computer desk any time soon.


Another aside which I should not forget is that my great-uncle Al, aunt Bel’s now deceased husband, was one of the many soldiers who fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Only difference between him and 3500 + others is that he came home again alive.


12h46, Tuesday

Weather : Cloudy, 1 *C , Wind NW 8 mph, Humidity 56 %

Playing : 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins)

Mood : Amber : nervous, on edge, uncertain (pardon?)


Ugh. I have no idea when trying to sleep with all of my extremities wrapped tightly into myself became a habit all of a sudden, but waking up soaked in sweat because of it is a sure risk for a potential cold or something else.


I might be getting my Mom’s HP scanner. She’s looking at purchasing a newer model, made by Canon I think, from Bureau En Gros / Staples. The one that she’s looking at does scans of slides and negatives, which is important to us. Apparently back in the crazy Seventies, having your film developed onto picture paper was not cost efficient, so my parents opted to do most of our early family memories onto slides. Now we want to get that situation fixed before they’re lost somehow.

She went to buy it yesterday, but Bureau en Gros is completely sold out on the Island, and although the sale has been continued until the end of the month now due to demand the sales person suggested it would be easier to order it online, and quicker.



Cloudy, 1* C, Wind NW 17 mph, 76 % humidity

Playing : Joyride (Roxette)

Mood : Dark blue : impassioned, delighted, whiff of romance


Todays downloads from FileHippo are Thunderbird 2.0 RC1 ( I have no idea what the RC stands for incidentally) an update to the popular not Microsoft email program by Mozilla, and WinRar Archiver, in yet another beta version in all endless series of betas.



Weather : Mostly cloudy, 4*C, wind W at 12 mph, humidity 27 %

Playing : This Show is Free (Doc Walker)

Mood: Blue : Comfortable, breezy, at rest, loveable.


Mom won a t-shirt while she was doing her thing at Curves. The draw was in thanks to all the people who helped out at the food drive during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend last month. Mom was in the runner up column, with nine other ladies who also won the shirt. No idea what the actual draw prize was though.


Coleen should be pulling into the driveway sometime soon, returning from her weekend up north visiting some old friends, Ken and Peggy Liedbetters. She used to work for them years ago, and has remained close since. Ken is another World War veteran, who lost almost all his hearing when a grenade went off beside him. They are a nice elderly couple, and despite the complaints offered up on the odd occasion from Coleen, you can tell she adores them both.


FRACK!! Banging my head against fire walls, and for whom does the phone not toll?

14h18 Sunday

Weather :Cloudy, light flurries

Playing : Crossing Jordan

Mood : Miffed, but dealing with it.

Went to go back to work this afternoon on the continuous updating of the Davenport Community Library database when I ran into a problem. Somehow, when I last used the file, there was an error and the database was corrupted. FRACK! I have since made several efforts in attempting to restore it, but every time Microsoft Access XP goes to try, to crashes. Double FRACK!! Restoring the computer to an earlier time period does nothing. Thrice now FRACK!!! Fortunately though, I do have a copy from an earlier date saved on the Cruzer drive, but there goes some of the work. Good thing I kept hard copy of the stuff I had done too, so although this is an irritant, it can and will be overcome.


Weather : Your guess is as good as mine

Playing : Snakes On A Plane

Mood : Relaxed

Start off with new software, which actually preceded the previous entry by a couple of hours, but with all the other stuff occupying my attention at the time, I’m only getting to it now. Comodo Personal Firewall has replaced Checkpoint’s Zone Alarm Pro. Too much drag on my system right now, plus Comodo is free, and ranked better at this time than the free version of Zone Alarm. I like Zone Alarm, but the newer versions of this tried and true software, like so many others has become a memory hawg on my older system. It may be time to start thinking about updating to a newer model, or playing around until I can find balance.

My great-aunt Isabel called this morning, just fresh in from her winter vacation in Holiday, Florida where my Nana used to also have a trailer in the same senior’s park. Auntie Bel’s still in wonderful shape, and unlike so many seniors is not only able to remain insured (which was put an end to Nana’s travels when she was no longer able to get coverage) is still on the go all the time, whether it be Florida, California where her daughter and grandchildren live, or Hawaii. I have not seen or spoken to aunt Bel in years, not since Nana’s 80th birthday, when the King side of the family all travelled to Montreal last to celebrate, so it was good to hear her voice. Hopefully, I’ll see her face again soon before she hits the air again.

18h51 Monday V-Day

Weather : Cloudy, 0* C

Playing : You’ll Be In My Heart (Phil Collins, Walt Disney’s Tarzan)

Mood : Meh

Spent the day drifting from one job to another, whether it was lifting the all season raidals into the Honda Accord so that Dad could drive down to Gordon’s in N.D.G to have them put on, to scrubbing all the build up accumulated on the lamps I have taken posession of from Noreen’s, to helping Mom with various small computer questions, pulling out the desk in the office so that all the sundry wires could be organized, taking the snow tires out of the Accord and storing them away until next Fall, to cooking dinner.

Mom has gone into see Noreen at le Vivalis. No one has been able to reach her on the phone since yesterday, when Mom replaced the cordless with a louder phone. Since the nursing home hasn’t called here there hasn’t been any pressing concern to us, except for Mom. This is Noreen’s lifeline from insanity, hence the half hour trip on to the island to see why the phone isn’t ringing. That and to stop being the acting secretary to all of the folks who are unable to reach Noreen and are calling here all in a well meaning panic.

It’s beginning to look as though I might be returning to the Dot as early as this weekend. Nana is seeing her doctor this Wednesday concerning some personal issues, and surgery may be required to stem them. Because of that, the trip back may be a quick in and out, as Dad would prefer to be available should this matter need to dealt with with sooner rather than later.

New software for the day from FileHippo is Windows Defender. I have had this installed before, and keep removing it, with the mistaken belief that it’s the cause of my RAM loss on the computer, but it’s not. So, since I have uninstalled Zone Alarm, I’m reinstalling this. Admittedly, AVG Anti-Spyware is much better, but it costs money to have the entire program. Maybe sometime soon, just not now.

Repeats, free gas, downtown, old friends long since vanished, upcoming disasters

09h01 Friday

Weather : Sunny, with cloudy periods, cold

Playing : Corky


: Waking, thoughtful

I have no idea what’s been going on with the television viewing season as of late, but I wish it wasn’t stockpiled with repeats. Fine, so "NCAA March Madness" was CBS’ excuse for March, but what about the other broadcasters? Heck, what about now? Every channel I flip to seems to have something on from earlier this season, or the show that is supposed to be slotted isn’t the one playing. Advertisements for new episodes are playing, but then are not on the day indicated.

Maybe it has something to do with stuff being simulcast in Canada. The method that is used to insert Canadian content during commercial breaks, or if a show is being broadcast on one of our stations, our station takes precedence once it crosses the 49th parallel? I don’t know. What I do know is that when a new episode of CSI is said to be "next week on CBS/CTV", I expect it to be there.

I cannot seem to get this methane problem under control. It has been going on for months now. Sometimes better or worsening with no rythme or reason to allow me to deduce cause and effect. It’s making me very self conscious. I don’t want to go out, for fear that it will attract negative attention to myself in some way. I’ve been trying these 180 mg Simethicone softgel capsules called Ovol. Apparently, anything less than that amount is a waste of time. I’m also now taking that cherry flavoured Maalox. This combo seems to have reduced the impact my situation is causing, but I am still under some distress.

I am anxiously awaiting the chance to speak to Dr. Hailu about it on the 19th of this month.


and I are going into Montreal in an hour or so, to some frame shop near the Decarie expressway, to get the gilding on those wall hangings of Noreens touched up. No idea if that’s something that is done on the spot, but afterwards we’ll be going for luch at the Chalet BBQ. Used to be a regular thing we’d do, back when Nana lived on the corner of Sherbrooke East and Cavendish. Nana absolutely loved the place. She’s been going there since the restaurant opened fifty years ago. My friend Jason Collantonio’s dad used to work there, and sometimes we would walk in to find Jason helping out with the bussing. I’m hoping that will be the case today.

I don’t really know what’s become of any of my old companions anymore, although I do think of them all often. Since my parents move from Vincennes Avenue in Pointe-Claire, there’s really no way to find out, and it has been such a long time since my own move to the Dot back in Summer of ’98.


Weather : Cloudy

Playing : Breakout (Swingout Sister)

Mood : Smiling

Mom, Dad, Coleen and I got back a shot while ago. Didn’t find the rechargeable battery Mom needs for her Mikita cordless drill at Reno-Depot in Montreal l’Ouest, arrived at the U-Haul in Ville St. Pierre to return the unused boxes from Noreen’s move, only to discover that we had left the right receipt back at the house. With Gemz we were a little more succesful. The regilding of the wall hangings should be done in ten days or so.

It was cold walking over the Decarie on Sherbrooke to get to to Chalet BBQ restaurant, but it was worth it. Didn’t see Jason there, or anyone else I recognized either. It has been almost ten years, I need to keep reminding myself,

Still cold when we headed back to the van to drive back to Vaudreuil-Dorion to meet up with Coleen at the Wal-Mart. I wanted to start stocking up on some non-perishable food items for my return to the Dot. It would be a smart thing for to start doing. I have to admit that Wal-Mart seems to have a pretty good selection of food stuff. Admittedly, the selection will alternate from store to store, but I should make an effort to perhaps go to the one in the Dufferin Mall every once in a while.

10h55, Saturday

Weather : Overcast, light dusting of snow

Playing : Bizarro’s World (Superman TAS)

Mood : Chipper

Watched the eviro-film "An Inconvenient Truth" last night again. It’s incredibly concise and scary thinking that has been well laid out by almost former president of the United States, Al Gore. What people need to do now in NorthAM is to stop looking at the easy way out all the time, to stop letting lobbyist influence the vote. If the tobacco companies can be brought down, and they did have BIG monies padding peoples pockets, then really, the car and oil industries should rethink their position, and do something before they are brought down as well.

Coleen watched it with me, until she was taken up by an immense migraine that seemed to come out of nowhere. Mom, who asked us to record the film on the PVR, was busy doing the monthly finances until well after everyone else had gone to bed. I know this because I got up again at 00:30, thinking it was much later than that at the time, and could hear her printing paperwork of some sort out on the Epson.

Personal investment, family, uTorrent update

20h33. (Wednesday night)

Weather : Rain

Playing : Criminal Minds

Mood : Tired, moody

It can be so discouraging sometimes when you’re trying to get someone to see how much time I’ve invested in my Windows Live Space. This is about the only web site, short of Multiply, which I use as a means to shed light on various aspects of myself, to cogitate a bit, ramble on other occasions, all in an effort to give myself a bit of out when things are dull or grey.

I don’t like to showboat as much as I used to. I got hurt, and I really have no one to blame other than myself. In trying to be a somebody, I went overboard, took shortcuts, and got lost somewhere along the way. It’s an old and oft heard story, and although I’ve started making a comeback I still have a tendency to lay low and hide away in my apartment. Not exactly the best way to meet new people, except for online, and how does a person get a true impression of oneself, except by providing as much raw data as possible to give them as clear a picture as possible.

Regretfully, most of my friends, with the exception of Pamela/Tara, never even use this feature, or even glance at the works of others (I am guilty of this as well. Sorry Tim). But, I will plug on, for her, for me, and for the hope that someone else will eventually find their way here.


Weather : Overcast, some snow on the ground 1*C

Playing : Age of Innocence (Enigma)

Mood : Amber

Woke up to a quiet world today, lightly covered with a dusting of snow (Apparently, downtown Montreal got about 10 cm, and the radio broadcasters were telling people to bring their boots. Snow removal season is over for the City incidentally), and the only other spectators present was the resonant symphony played by an orchestra of birds. Where ever everyone else was on this Thursday morning at 08h30 was a mystery to me. No dogs in the few yards visible, no cars audible, from either nearby or the dull din audible from the highway a few miles away from here, no kids playing or heading for the schools… Nothing. So kewl.

Something occured to me last night, while my Mom was on the telephone with Aunt Nancy, calling from Markham ON to check up on how the move had gone with Noreen. I’m not certain as to whether Mom was just tired or not, but there was a bitterness in her voice, and a final tone when she told Nancy that if "she" (no name at this moment, but I was certain Mom was referring to Noreen) needed anything else now, she bloody well could go to hell after this was all done. Noreen, aside from complaining, has not, at least in my prescence, even bothered to say "Thank You" to my Mom for everything she has done for her in the past couple of months. 5000 km alone just going back and forth from the hospital, Place Mortiz and le Vivalis.

OK. admittedly, my Mom has charged her for some of the stuff, like gas, and I received some monies for my aid in all this. Certainly not the amounts a professional would have received for the same work, but Mom would prefer to give the money to family and friends where possible, and not just throw it away to people who already make more than enough. Mom also is saving Noreen money too.

But Noreen just goes on complaining. A few days ago, it was a phone call in the middle of a late supper (the call itself I don’t hold Noreen responsible for). Noreen could not find CTV on her TV remote, and the 24 hour care staff were all busy getting the others in the ward prepared for bed. AWWWWWW!!!! Me, personally I would have told her, in a polite but firm voice, that she would have to wait or find something else to watch instead. Mom insteads gets rooked, while her meals grew cold, into trying to explain to a woman who first of all barely understands her hearing aid how to change the channel, then has to justify why the staff at le Vivalis cannot immediately attend to this "crisis".

For those of you reading who are going to say "Give Noreen a break, she’s old" let me tell you, this has been a fact of life for the last decade, and even more so since Grand-Dad died in 1999. So, I’m writing these private thoughts down here in a way to exorcise, at least for me, the frustruation of not hearing those two simple words. Mom will vent out loud at Dad as always, who is a tad irritated at Mom’s single minded devotion to helping out Noreen, while virtually ignoring Nana for the past decade.

Not true, but certainly in the last couple of years yes, but that was due to immediate health concerns for Noreen. Yet Mom was always available at the times when a woman’s prescence was instead required for Nana.

My Grand-Ma, my mom’s mother, Doris passed away after a bout with cancer back in 1982. Personally, I think Mom has found her surrogate for her in Noreen, despite her complaining. This is why I will not voice any but minor gripes concerning this matter to her. Instead, I do what I can and am able to support her, so that she doesn’t burn herself out.

This is the truest definition of what I consider family.


Weather : Cloudy, with sun 1*C

Playing : World’s Finest pt.1 (Superman : TAS)

Mood : Green

Mom has gone over to le Vivalis to see Noreen and spend lunch. A much easier task to consider, now that it’s no longer an hour and a quarters drive just getting there (insert map) from Saint Lazare.

New downloads from FileHippo today : uTorrent version 1.7 a simple file sharing program.


Weather : Overcast

Playing : Superman theme song (London Symphony Orchestra)

Mood : Green

Beginning to wonder where Mom disappeared to. For someone who was only going for lunch at Noreen’s, she’s been gone an awfully long time. Must have also decided to take the frames that needed some touch ups on the gild in for repairs. I think I heard her mentioning that to Dad earlier, but not entirely certain.