The trouble with torrentz, TiSP from Google, DOA set for return, space making

21h21 Sunday, Rain

Sometimes, what you download isn’t quite what you get.

When you’re dealing with torrents, quality can be an optional kind of thing. To be expected from people who sneak into movie theatres with video cameras under their coats. Sometimes you get a truly sketchy piece of work. Grainy, sound quality completely shot, people passing in front of the camera getting to their seats…At least these days, everything is digital. Makes you wonder how they did it back when VHS was the standard format, and video cameras were the size of desktop computers.

Anyhow, going to have go find Epic Movie and Scary Movie IV again. This time though, I’ll read the commentaries first before I download, and try to avoid repeating the same error


Kudos to Google for their TiSP idea, which debuted on April 1st, 2007. If you need to know more about this exciting product, click on the previous link, then read the F.A.Q.

Absolutely inspiring!

I tried calling Drew back at our apartment in the Dot and tell him about it, but he must still be in Scugog, visiting his family.

New software today that I decided to check out or modify:


, which does exactly what it says, by glancing at all your installed software, and seeing if there any updates available on Filehippo.

Free Download Manager has an update, and now can bittorrents to speed your downloads along. Makes things a lot simpler, if you’re a freek when it comes to downloads. You’ll have to maintain a bit of an upload at all times though, per bittorrent protocols. No biggie, if you have highspeed. You’ll probably never notice.

K-Lite Codec pack

(full) for those people like myself, who spend an awful lot of time watching movies on their computers.

Lastly, there was an update to the Java Runtime Environment. Still no idea why this is so important, but if you like those little boxes which do special things, like group chats on Yahoo or, then it’s a must.

09h42 Monday, Rain

Tossed and turned for a while last night.

Thought I could turn that around and make the time being wasted a bit more useful, by going downstairs and seeing if I could perhaps locate this dollar store clock we seem to have misplaced of Noreens. The woman is losing some priceless antique furniture because there is no space in her new room at the residence, and yet she gets hung up on a cheap clock <sigh>.

But the moment I got downstairs to the den, where the boxes have been placed, some containing a treasure trove of Royal Doultons, I realized that my furtive rustlings would likely wake my parents. The Master Bedroom and Bath are just above.

Time wasted turned into cigarette smoked. Another nail towards my eventual coffin.

14h38, Still overcast, light rain

Spent the better part of the morning after my previous jottings scanning old photos of Noreen & Co. with my mother’s HP ScanJet 4300-C. I’m trying to stockpile all the photos of my family, both immediate and extended, just in case of some sort of accident, firstly. Second reason is that I don’t get the chance often to either see these photos before they’re hidden away in boxes, or catch these glimpses of people that I didn’t previously know of. Oldest shots I have managed to find and scan go back to 1929, and I’m certain if I keep looking I’ll find other goodies that are from even earlier times.

Mom and Dad drove into Vaudreuil-Dorion to the Home Depot there, to place an order for an exterior door to go in the front. They only have a solid one currently, and it doesn’t provide for much air movement during the warmer seasons.

16h59, Same

Was suddenly overcome with exhaustion at around 15h30 and went to lie down. Just dozed really. Feel better now.

Called the Family Clinic at Women’s College Hospital in the Dot this morning to arrange an appointment with Dr. Hailu to renew my medications for the 19th of April, so now there is a definite return date for coming back home.

I’ve been on slow, but dedicated clean up of crap on my computer. When I got here to Sainte Lazare almost a month ago now, I had what, less than 15 GB on my Maxtor hard-drives, of which I have 2 totalling 100 GB altogether. For some people out there, that’s still a small amount, but it is the most closet space I have ever had on any computer.

Admittedly, a lot of said crap was movies I had dowloaded to while away the time, and I’m amazed that I have been able to get through as many as I have what with all that has been going on as of late. As of today, I now have more than 45.08GB of free space on my C:\\ drive.

21h35, Clearing, 3 * C

I’m just watching Columbia Pictures release of Marvel Comic Book’s Ghost Rider on the computer right now, passing time. We, meaning my parents and myself, have to be getting up sometime early tomorrow morning, at some gawd awful hour that was never meant to be seen by the eyes of mankind, ie 05h00. We need to hit the Felix Leclerc Autoroute 40 shortly thereafter so as to avoid the incoming rush-hour and head for Place Moritz one last time.

Meldrum the Mover’s people should be arriving hopefully by 08h30. At least, that’s what it says on the contract signed and dated this Saturday past. Hopefully, we won’t be cooling our heels for long.

The actual move will probably take less time than it takes me to scratch myself in naughty places. Only 5 pieces of furniture (none of them large, except the highboy) are going into the truck, along with 6 boxes. We should be at le Vivalis by 11h00, I’m figuring.



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