Meldrums, a mosque, iron pills, shorty


Weather: Cloudy, 7* C

Playing: Castles in the Sky

Mood: Relaxed

Ok. Move’s done and over with Noreen’s furniture and belongings from Place Mortiz having safely made their way now to le Vivalis.


and I were up at 06h30, and out the door and on the road by 07h30. Meldrum the Mover’s staff showed up not long after we arrived (same ones that helped move Noreen originally from Ville d’Anjou.) and we were heading back to Pointe-Claire before 10h00. Made a quick stop over so that Mom could show me this mosque that has almost finished being built in Dollard des Ormeaux. I’ve seen the towers every time we’ve been heading east on the Autoroute Felix Leclerc but had no idea what it was. Pretty impressive what one can build with concrete. Mom thinks it’s kind of ostentatious, but I pointed out that she obviously has not been inside a catholic church recently if she thinks that’s the case.

This was the first day I have seen Noreen since she was moved from St. Mary’s Hospital in Notre Dame de Grace. She is looking well. She was dressed, had her wig on (always a good sign), and looked fresh and alert. She has gained some weight, now coming in at 58.4 lbs. Still a far cry from the 72 lbs she went into the hospital with, but not bad either. She’s been complaining of stomach/bowel problems, but that’s related to the iron pills she’s been taking. Previously, they had been giving that to her in a drip, but her veins are now so small and collapsed that is no longer an option.

She pretty much sat in her chair while the movers whisked everything in, got paid, and then left. The look of glee Noreen flashed when I retreived the RCA twenty-inch television that my Grand-dad, her deceased common-law husband, had been given years ago as a Christmas gift by my parents was worth it. She has hated that LG HDTV since she walked in the door of her room at the residence. She prefers familiar items.

We all had lunch in the dining room, another first for Noreen. Pork tenderloin. Cheese cake for desert. If Noreen is intending to stay skinny on this fare, I wish her the best of luck. We got most of the stuff out of the boxes and called it quits a couple of hours after lunch, packing the remainder into the closet until we return. Stopped by Zellers to purchase an expandable garment rack by Homestyles, so that Noreen can actually reach her clothes (remember, she’s only 4’3) and headed back for the comfort of Saint Lazare.


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