housewarming gift, down time, scanning memories, nada


Weather : Cloudy, 8* C

Playing : Law & Order SVU (out in the family room)

Mood : Tired


and Coleen drove out to Vaudreuil-Dorion to look at a propane barbeque Mom had seen advertised in this weeks Wal-Mart circular. I would have gone along for the drive, but they decided to take the van, and Noreen’s framed hangings, the ones that need to have the gilding touched up, were still blocking the spare passenger seat. They were gone for well over an hour, a sure sign that they have indeed bought the aforementioned BBQ, and when they pulled into the drive at 20h30, lo and behold, there it was in the back of the van. Apparently it’s a house warming gift for Kirk and Michelle, when they move into the new house in May.

I’m just finishing the touch ups on this latest blog entry, before going to bed.

So chances are, if there’s nothing more wrote after these next lines, this spelled the end for the day.


Weather : Misty rain

Playing : Storm clouds in Africa (Enya)

Mood : Bluegreen

Mother Nature

has reminded us here in Saint Lazare that although the season may have changed, Winter has not entirely given up on us. Large snow flakes were falling from the sky for the better part of a an hour and a half.

Both of my parents were out on the road. Dad was in Dollard des Ormeaux, having the Honda Accord’s oil changed. Mom had decided to go to Curves after doing some of the banking online this morning, then stopped and picked up the groceries from IGA.

Coleen spent a couple of hours in the sewing room, getting some pants fitted for the warmer weather that we are anxiously waiting for.

Me? I’ve spent the better part of the day in the family room, watching the telly, catching up on some missed episodes on the Bell ExpressVu PVR.


Weather : Snow flurries, 2* C

Playing : How do you get that lonely (Blaine Larson)

Mood : Darkblue

I’m scanning photos again. This time of myself. The ones that were taken all those years ago by Darryl McCall Studios Inc. The photographer who was contracted by the now non-existant Lakeshore School Board, guardian of engish education in QC, to take snapshots of all the little snots, myself obviously included.

It’s funny, but with the exception of the various haircuts, I’ve changed very little. I could walk back into my old elementary school, Valois Park (Also now gone. Victim of the decline in anglophone students in QC) years after graduating back in 1983, and Mrs. Duke, who was still the office secretary and one of the key personnel who kept the school operating on a day to day basis was still able to recognize me. Not so with my sister Laura, who had a much more drastic evolution, what with hair, some plastic surgery after a burn accident, glasses, braces, contacts, makeup, etc…

I’ve decided, for now, to utilize the mood ring button on Google toolbar, installed on my computers Internet Explorer 7. I don’t know why, but it since it has no other purpose than to amuse me, what difference does it make?


Weather : Rain

Playing : I wanna dance with somebody (Whitney)

Mood : Amber

Dinner’s over and soon everyone will be sitting somewhere in house watching television. Sort of chatted with Drew last night on Windows Live Messenger, but he was on the telephone talking to one of his classmates, Raj so feeling left out, I soon signed off.

Not much else to jot down at this second, so I’ll come back to this later.


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