Repeats, free gas, downtown, old friends long since vanished, upcoming disasters

09h01 Friday

Weather : Sunny, with cloudy periods, cold

Playing : Corky


: Waking, thoughtful

I have no idea what’s been going on with the television viewing season as of late, but I wish it wasn’t stockpiled with repeats. Fine, so "NCAA March Madness" was CBS’ excuse for March, but what about the other broadcasters? Heck, what about now? Every channel I flip to seems to have something on from earlier this season, or the show that is supposed to be slotted isn’t the one playing. Advertisements for new episodes are playing, but then are not on the day indicated.

Maybe it has something to do with stuff being simulcast in Canada. The method that is used to insert Canadian content during commercial breaks, or if a show is being broadcast on one of our stations, our station takes precedence once it crosses the 49th parallel? I don’t know. What I do know is that when a new episode of CSI is said to be "next week on CBS/CTV", I expect it to be there.

I cannot seem to get this methane problem under control. It has been going on for months now. Sometimes better or worsening with no rythme or reason to allow me to deduce cause and effect. It’s making me very self conscious. I don’t want to go out, for fear that it will attract negative attention to myself in some way. I’ve been trying these 180 mg Simethicone softgel capsules called Ovol. Apparently, anything less than that amount is a waste of time. I’m also now taking that cherry flavoured Maalox. This combo seems to have reduced the impact my situation is causing, but I am still under some distress.

I am anxiously awaiting the chance to speak to Dr. Hailu about it on the 19th of this month.


and I are going into Montreal in an hour or so, to some frame shop near the Decarie expressway, to get the gilding on those wall hangings of Noreens touched up. No idea if that’s something that is done on the spot, but afterwards we’ll be going for luch at the Chalet BBQ. Used to be a regular thing we’d do, back when Nana lived on the corner of Sherbrooke East and Cavendish. Nana absolutely loved the place. She’s been going there since the restaurant opened fifty years ago. My friend Jason Collantonio’s dad used to work there, and sometimes we would walk in to find Jason helping out with the bussing. I’m hoping that will be the case today.

I don’t really know what’s become of any of my old companions anymore, although I do think of them all often. Since my parents move from Vincennes Avenue in Pointe-Claire, there’s really no way to find out, and it has been such a long time since my own move to the Dot back in Summer of ’98.


Weather : Cloudy

Playing : Breakout (Swingout Sister)

Mood : Smiling

Mom, Dad, Coleen and I got back a shot while ago. Didn’t find the rechargeable battery Mom needs for her Mikita cordless drill at Reno-Depot in Montreal l’Ouest, arrived at the U-Haul in Ville St. Pierre to return the unused boxes from Noreen’s move, only to discover that we had left the right receipt back at the house. With Gemz we were a little more succesful. The regilding of the wall hangings should be done in ten days or so.

It was cold walking over the Decarie on Sherbrooke to get to to Chalet BBQ restaurant, but it was worth it. Didn’t see Jason there, or anyone else I recognized either. It has been almost ten years, I need to keep reminding myself,

Still cold when we headed back to the van to drive back to Vaudreuil-Dorion to meet up with Coleen at the Wal-Mart. I wanted to start stocking up on some non-perishable food items for my return to the Dot. It would be a smart thing for to start doing. I have to admit that Wal-Mart seems to have a pretty good selection of food stuff. Admittedly, the selection will alternate from store to store, but I should make an effort to perhaps go to the one in the Dufferin Mall every once in a while.

10h55, Saturday

Weather : Overcast, light dusting of snow

Playing : Bizarro’s World (Superman TAS)

Mood : Chipper

Watched the eviro-film "An Inconvenient Truth" last night again. It’s incredibly concise and scary thinking that has been well laid out by almost former president of the United States, Al Gore. What people need to do now in NorthAM is to stop looking at the easy way out all the time, to stop letting lobbyist influence the vote. If the tobacco companies can be brought down, and they did have BIG monies padding peoples pockets, then really, the car and oil industries should rethink their position, and do something before they are brought down as well.

Coleen watched it with me, until she was taken up by an immense migraine that seemed to come out of nowhere. Mom, who asked us to record the film on the PVR, was busy doing the monthly finances until well after everyone else had gone to bed. I know this because I got up again at 00:30, thinking it was much later than that at the time, and could hear her printing paperwork of some sort out on the Epson.


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