FRACK!! Banging my head against fire walls, and for whom does the phone not toll?

14h18 Sunday

Weather :Cloudy, light flurries

Playing : Crossing Jordan

Mood : Miffed, but dealing with it.

Went to go back to work this afternoon on the continuous updating of the Davenport Community Library database when I ran into a problem. Somehow, when I last used the file, there was an error and the database was corrupted. FRACK! I have since made several efforts in attempting to restore it, but every time Microsoft Access XP goes to try, to crashes. Double FRACK!! Restoring the computer to an earlier time period does nothing. Thrice now FRACK!!! Fortunately though, I do have a copy from an earlier date saved on the Cruzer drive, but there goes some of the work. Good thing I kept hard copy of the stuff I had done too, so although this is an irritant, it can and will be overcome.


Weather : Your guess is as good as mine

Playing : Snakes On A Plane

Mood : Relaxed

Start off with new software, which actually preceded the previous entry by a couple of hours, but with all the other stuff occupying my attention at the time, I’m only getting to it now. Comodo Personal Firewall has replaced Checkpoint’s Zone Alarm Pro. Too much drag on my system right now, plus Comodo is free, and ranked better at this time than the free version of Zone Alarm. I like Zone Alarm, but the newer versions of this tried and true software, like so many others has become a memory hawg on my older system. It may be time to start thinking about updating to a newer model, or playing around until I can find balance.

My great-aunt Isabel called this morning, just fresh in from her winter vacation in Holiday, Florida where my Nana used to also have a trailer in the same senior’s park. Auntie Bel’s still in wonderful shape, and unlike so many seniors is not only able to remain insured (which was put an end to Nana’s travels when she was no longer able to get coverage) is still on the go all the time, whether it be Florida, California where her daughter and grandchildren live, or Hawaii. I have not seen or spoken to aunt Bel in years, not since Nana’s 80th birthday, when the King side of the family all travelled to Montreal last to celebrate, so it was good to hear her voice. Hopefully, I’ll see her face again soon before she hits the air again.

18h51 Monday V-Day

Weather : Cloudy, 0* C

Playing : You’ll Be In My Heart (Phil Collins, Walt Disney’s Tarzan)

Mood : Meh

Spent the day drifting from one job to another, whether it was lifting the all season raidals into the Honda Accord so that Dad could drive down to Gordon’s in N.D.G to have them put on, to scrubbing all the build up accumulated on the lamps I have taken posession of from Noreen’s, to helping Mom with various small computer questions, pulling out the desk in the office so that all the sundry wires could be organized, taking the snow tires out of the Accord and storing them away until next Fall, to cooking dinner.

Mom has gone into see Noreen at le Vivalis. No one has been able to reach her on the phone since yesterday, when Mom replaced the cordless with a louder phone. Since the nursing home hasn’t called here there hasn’t been any pressing concern to us, except for Mom. This is Noreen’s lifeline from insanity, hence the half hour trip on to the island to see why the phone isn’t ringing. That and to stop being the acting secretary to all of the folks who are unable to reach Noreen and are calling here all in a well meaning panic.

It’s beginning to look as though I might be returning to the Dot as early as this weekend. Nana is seeing her doctor this Wednesday concerning some personal issues, and surgery may be required to stem them. Because of that, the trip back may be a quick in and out, as Dad would prefer to be available should this matter need to dealt with with sooner rather than later.

New software for the day from FileHippo is Windows Defender. I have had this installed before, and keep removing it, with the mistaken belief that it’s the cause of my RAM loss on the computer, but it’s not. So, since I have uninstalled Zone Alarm, I’m reinstalling this. Admittedly, AVG Anti-Spyware is much better, but it costs money to have the entire program. Maybe sometime soon, just not now.


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