Remember Vimy, I can see clearly now,all She won was this T-shirt

20h39 Monday, Battle of Vimy

Weather : Night

Playing : Degrassi Original Theme Extended (The N Soundtrack)

Mood : Cheerful


Mom returned just about the time she said she would from le Vivalis. Noreen’s ringer on her phone was off. Shit happens sometimes. What is not supposed to happen though is a senior not receiving her medications, especially when she’s been having diarrhea all day. Somebody screwed up, because when my mom went to speak with the attending nurse whilst there, although the Imodium had been checked off on the list, there it still was, nestled on top of the rest of Noreen’s pills. Definite no-no when you consider the amount of monies being paid to ensure that this type of nonesence does not happen. Muriel will be speaking to Susanne, the general manager of the residence, when she goes off duty in the morning.


I forgot to mention that Mom bought herself a belated Christmas gift on Saturday. When I say belated, it’s about three plus years of money received from Nana for a yuletide gift, unspent until now. Mom was having problems seeing her computer screen now, so she had been casting eyes at the LCD flat screen monitors that have since replaced the old cathode tube displays. This weekend she resolved that wish by investing in a 20 inch Acer monitor. It’s nice. I’m sitting two meters away as I right this, and cannot believe just how clear everything is. I want one too now. Guess I’m going to have start saving up my change if I want to see one perched on my computer desk any time soon.


Another aside which I should not forget is that my great-uncle Al, aunt Bel’s now deceased husband, was one of the many soldiers who fought in the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Only difference between him and 3500 + others is that he came home again alive.


12h46, Tuesday

Weather : Cloudy, 1 *C , Wind NW 8 mph, Humidity 56 %

Playing : 1979 (Smashing Pumpkins)

Mood : Amber : nervous, on edge, uncertain (pardon?)


Ugh. I have no idea when trying to sleep with all of my extremities wrapped tightly into myself became a habit all of a sudden, but waking up soaked in sweat because of it is a sure risk for a potential cold or something else.


I might be getting my Mom’s HP scanner. She’s looking at purchasing a newer model, made by Canon I think, from Bureau En Gros / Staples. The one that she’s looking at does scans of slides and negatives, which is important to us. Apparently back in the crazy Seventies, having your film developed onto picture paper was not cost efficient, so my parents opted to do most of our early family memories onto slides. Now we want to get that situation fixed before they’re lost somehow.

She went to buy it yesterday, but Bureau en Gros is completely sold out on the Island, and although the sale has been continued until the end of the month now due to demand the sales person suggested it would be easier to order it online, and quicker.



Cloudy, 1* C, Wind NW 17 mph, 76 % humidity

Playing : Joyride (Roxette)

Mood : Dark blue : impassioned, delighted, whiff of romance


Todays downloads from FileHippo are Thunderbird 2.0 RC1 ( I have no idea what the RC stands for incidentally) an update to the popular not Microsoft email program by Mozilla, and WinRar Archiver, in yet another beta version in all endless series of betas.



Weather : Mostly cloudy, 4*C, wind W at 12 mph, humidity 27 %

Playing : This Show is Free (Doc Walker)

Mood: Blue : Comfortable, breezy, at rest, loveable.


Mom won a t-shirt while she was doing her thing at Curves. The draw was in thanks to all the people who helped out at the food drive during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend last month. Mom was in the runner up column, with nine other ladies who also won the shirt. No idea what the actual draw prize was though.


Coleen should be pulling into the driveway sometime soon, returning from her weekend up north visiting some old friends, Ken and Peggy Liedbetters. She used to work for them years ago, and has remained close since. Ken is another World War veteran, who lost almost all his hearing when a grenade went off beside him. They are a nice elderly couple, and despite the complaints offered up on the odd occasion from Coleen, you can tell she adores them both.



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