Tim tidbits, Bummed on Betas, Paving paradise, Scanning through memories of happy times.

17h22, Tuesday

Weather: mostly cloudy 4*C, wind W 12 mph, humidity 27 %

Playing: Anyway You Want It (Journey)

Mood: Amber : nervous, on edge, uncertain

Coleen’s home. Yay. Chirpy and energetic, so she must have had a good weekend.

Another download from FileHippo. Ad-Aware 2007 Beta 5 (another beta, groan), the popular (and free) anti-spy/ad-ware program from Lavasoft, which is one of essential programs I make certain just about everyone I personally deal with has. The folks from Lavasoft are in the final rounds with this version before they release it to the general public. One more beta to go though. It’s also part of the Google Pack of software that is touted by those whacky Google folks to be the most necessary for your everyday personal use. Some of it’s quite interesting, although I don’t use it all personally.


online as I type this out. He’s decided that he has had enough of living in Dundas, ON and moved back to the Dot, obstensibly to look for work. Hopefully, he’ll concentrate on that, and stay out of the gay village except for the odd visit. I’m just glad to read that he’s back. I really like his quirkyness and hope that we can get together soon.


Weather : Cloudy, 2* C, Wind NW 12 mph, humidity 36%

Playing : House on Global

Mood : Amber : nervous, on edge, uncertain

Ad-aware PRO 2007 was a bust. No mention at FileHippo that this was a beta version, good for only 16 days, of Lavasoft’s Pro version of their software, which you get when you actaully pay for the program. Cool icon though. You get some extras when you do fork over the cash, such as Ad-Shield 2007, which is supposed to suppress extraneous advertisements. I have yet to see a program like that, with the exception of Ad-Muncher. I’ll stick with the SE version and be done with it.

Chatted with my sister Laura on the telephone, from her home in the Beach. She’s doing well, as is her hubby Jon. They had just spent a lovely Easter weekend with Jon’s mom, Mary-Lynn and her husband Richard, who had come up from their home in Rochester, New York.

I wanted to comfirm with Laura that my new TV stand was still up for grabs, as well as Laura’s old computer desk, which I had originally passed up when it was first offered tentatively.

11h35, Wednesday

Weather : Sunny with cloudy periods, 1* C, Wind NE at 8 mph, Humidity 56 %

Playing : the Getaway (Hillary Duff)

Mood : Blue : Comfortable, breezy, at rest, loveable

Good-bye forest, hello to another house. I can hear them chopping trees from down in the basement. The sound always sends chills through my blood.

I don’t think this was the idea when my parents moved out here 5 years ago that the development would be flooded with new houses that no none other than employees of PF Contruction would be living in until a real person actually bought the property. I guess the writing was on the wall when I spotted that guy a few weeks ago taking soil samples in the still undeveloped area just to the east of my parents backyard. Melinda, my parents next door neighbour, is going to be pissed. I know my mom is upset. Now we close the blinds to the back gazebo when we eat dinner, as she doesn’t want people looking in.

I’m wondering how this will affect all the birds that Mom is enamoured with. She was looking forward to seeing the hummingbirds again, for example. Now, they may not come back, seeking a more secluded area, far away from the machinations of mankind.



Playing : God’s Will (Martina McBride)

Mom’s new scanner arrived to the sound multiple dogs barking from the respective beds (lazy bastiches). I made an error with the brand. It’s an HP ScanJet G4010, not a Canon like I thought. Only took one day for delivery, and no charge for that at all. Way to go Bureau en Gros, for daring to defy common greed and actually thinking of your customers instead. Guess this means I can now add a scanner to my inventory of things going back home with me.


Playing : You Are loved (Don’t Give Up) – Josh Groban

Mood : Amber – Nervous, on edge, uncertain

Hokey, I just re-installed Ad-Aware 2007 Beta again. I’m funny that way. I started to wonder if registering as a beta tester for Lavasoft might make a difference overall, so that is exactly what I did. Woo hoo!! I still am not entirely certain as to what Ad-Watch 2007 beta does exactly. Aside from the occasional pop-up box alerting me to changes to my system, which is what my Comodo Firewall and Windows Defender does, I think it’s job is to maintain the integrity of my settings. Sometimes, advertisements can alter such things as your home page, and other such stuff, making your computer open for all sorts of mischief.


Yep. According to this PC review, it is a real time shield designed to protect your computer from spy-ware. Doesn’t really say one way or another if it’s actually important though. This is why I do weeklm maintenance with Spy-Blaster, Spy-Bot – Seek & Destroy and Ad-Aware SE, plus a monthly check up with either Windows Live Scan or Trend Micro House Call.



Weather : Sunny with cloudy periods, 3* C, Wind E at 7 mph, Humidity 38 %

Playing : Children – Robert Miles

Mood : Dark Blue – impassioned, delighted, whiff of romance

More software updates from FileHippo. This time another version of uTorrent v.1.70

I was going to comment of how this was my first day almost since I got here that I was completely alone (and how bored I was because of it), but Coleen just walked in so that lays that thought to rest.

11h06, Thursday

Weather : Snow, mixed precipitation, 1* C, Wind E at 13 mph, Humidity 96%

Playing : Flourescent – Gwen Stefani

Mood : Green – stable, stady, no emotional turmoil

The weather lady on CTV Montreal last night was saying that we might get up to 15 cm of mixed snow, etc… I suggested we go online to find out her last name, then locate her house and egg it for daring to even bring up the subject. Silly weather person, grrrrrrr.

Today’s mission is to figure out the HP Solution Center and HP Photosmart Premier software that came with my digital camera and Mom’s Scanjet. I set up everything last night, and I am trying now to see where all the pictures I scanned went to. Guess this is why you need a high speed port on the back of your computer. The transfer time leaves you at a loss until the darn things finally make the trip from one piece of hardware to another.

Darn weather woman was right, may she suffer eternal damnation.


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