The weather outside is frightful, If I were a rich man, & keeping time in a bottle


Weather : Snow, 1* C, Wind E at 14 mph, Humidity 93 %

Playing : E.R – CTV

Mood : Duh?


has just entered the Den as I begin this current entry, his fur coat damp as all get out. He’s the ONLY creature here right now that remains undismayed by the fact that there is at least 3 inches of snow has already covered the ground.

Just finished dinner and brushing my teeth, which are still getting whiter incidentally. Sat down thinking I had something to write about, but instead I’m drawing a blank. I’m going for a smoke and to sulk 😛


Mood: Jubilant

The snow has stopped for now. Gawds I hope it’s all melted by tomorrow (fingers crossed).


Mood : Pensive

I’m still thinking about getting a newer computer, but so far am a tad uncertain as to what exactly I want. From what I have been advided by the Geek Squad at Best Buy, purchasing any model now with less than a gig of RAM DDR and minimum 160 GB hard drive is pointless, expecially if I want to ever give Windows Vista Premier a whirl. That’s the version where everything has a 3 dimensional twist, which might be important at some point, maybe.

I was looking at an Xplio 1110 DE Desktop computer, which is on clearance at Bureau en Gros. I tried googling the brand name, but could not find anything on it aside from two pages, and those were eBay and…. Drum rolls please…. Bureau en Gros. Hmmmm. Someone commented/clarified who they were a bit in a forum posted online by stating that Xplio was a made to order brand for Staples similar to the deal that E-machines had with Future Shop prior to being bought over by Gateway computers. I have no idea if that is good or bad. The other one is made by Compaq, one of the two brands of PC that Laura would buy. Although I do love my sister dearly, she has her own needs and opinions, not all of which I share.

I don’t even know why I’m looking either. Guess I’m being unduly influenced by the knowledge that I do have some money set aside (thanks Mom) and because everyone else the last few weeks seems to getting new toys, and all I have is an electric rasor. I haven’t even done anything for me since I got here, not that I would be able to. It galls me to have a frickin drivers liscence, and not be able to even drive the six year old van into downtown Saint Lazare all of 10 minutes away from here.

Once again, my entire time here has been spent playing the part of the helpful hands. Laura and Jon come down (on the odd occasion) and they get to make plans. Me, my travels are limited to visitations at senior citizen residences and what I can find on the .Net (dial-up). The last time I was able to go somewhere on my own and do something was well over two years now. It’s discouraging. There aren’t even any public buses connecting here to the Island. Much as I do love coming here, it would be nice to be able to have an out sometimes.

Guess I what I really need to do is just remember that I came here to relax, which I have done so far, and that although I do have money, I do not need to spend it right away. There will be other opportunities down the road, unless one suddenly cuts out into the middle of the passing lane.

20h04, Friday

Mood : Dopey, tired

Getting over a slight headache again. Did a lot of rushing around this afternoon in a short period of time, purchasing a few more items for the apartment. Decided I could wait a while yet for a new computer, since Mom bribed me to bide my time until Christmas, when she and Dad could chip in with part of the money I have by then put away and get one big gift of a higher grade PC than the one I had in mind. Maybe even an iMac.

Downloads from Filehippo would be updates to Adobe Flash Player, for IE and Firefox both. I think the biggest benefit for this software is being to play the birthday eCards you receive from your friends annually in your inbox, otherwise, it seems mostly to be used to overwhelm viewers with dynamic commericials in web sites you like visiting.

11h06, Saturday

Weather : Cloudy 4* C, Wind W at 7 mph, Humidity 87%

Playing : You Make My Dreams Come TrueHall & Oates

Mood : Dark Blue – impassioned, delighted, whiff of romance

Cute, started by opening this and type, but then made the mistake of opening my Thunderbird program only to get sucked into the pile of emails that have been piling up in my various account inboxes, so it is now 45 minutes since then. I would have taken care of all this sooner, but I only actually get to be online for such a little time these days that when I do, I don’t even want to waste one valuable second normally.

It seems like everyday there’s a new update to one of the programs I use frequently. Today, my Roboform software, which I use to automatically fill out forms so that I don’t have to, has made its prescence known, and although it will take to the designers homepage, it then goes to another site, to do the actual work. Why do something like that? Such an inconvenience if you’re on dial-up to be taken on a meandering trip.

My parents and I are going onto the Island a bit later on after lunch, and into N.D.G. to pick up the now completed frames that we dropped off at Gemst. I remember the gentlemen who took the order telling my Mom at the time that it would be costly, despite it being at Noreen’s expense. I’m curious what someone who works in a not cheap field like that means by "not cheap".


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