In case of emergency, drop and tuck


Weather : Snow, Wind E at 16 mph, Humidity 87%

Playing : Last of the Mohikans theme – Riverdance

Mood : Black – tense, stressed, working too hard

I guess we would have been on the road tomorrow, heading back down for the Dot so as to get me home in time for my appointments, do a little house work and see the rest of the family while my parents were still there, except for this little nor’easter that has decided to move in and wallop the central east and north east coasts. Depending on where you are at this moment in those given areas, you’re going to see a heck of a lot of weather. I so far have heard tornadoes, snow, intense thunder boomers, lightning, snow, sleet, and hail. I certainly would not want to be a postman with their binding oath at this second. I’d just leave the darn mail and head for the hills, or Arizona. When the mayor of New York City, Mike Bloomberg, is personally broadcasting public alerts on television, advising residents where to go in case of emergency, you just know it’s not going to a pic-nic.

When I was last outside, at 19h00, to clean the propane barbeque, it was still raining. An hour later and the ground is already covered with snow. Frank Cavallero, the main man when it comes to doing the weather on CTV Montreal, curse his soul, is predicting upwards of 15-25 cm of snow, with winds possibly as high as 80 kmp.

We might lose our power and water, so I’m writing this as quick as I can, just in case.


So it looks like it will be either Tuesday now, or Wednesday, depending on how soon this literally blows over, before we pack up the van. I’ve paid my final visits to both grandparents and said my goodbyes for now, promising them that I won’t stay away for long.


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