Welcome Home, Big Winds, Allergy, Big Brother, NET Framework issues, Facebook

1207, Friday

Weather : Sunny 22* C

Mood : Irritated


So, let me get this straight…..A bunch of Mohawk natives are blockading CN Rail’s Eastern Ontario corridor in Napanee for yet another land dispute , and we’re letting them? Wouldn’t that be considered a form of terrorism? For cripes SAKE, WHY are we once again allowing a bunch of people hold a national agency hostage again so that we can coddle them? Haven’t we done enough already. How much further can someone be considered distinct yet part of the whole, and get away with it?


Call out the Canadian military based in Kingston, set them to rectify the situation as peacefully as they do when protecting the G8 Summit and get this over with. I’m tired of this bullshit, where as a citizen of this country I have less freedoms overall then the average native, who when they do make something of themselves, which isn’t often highlighted, since the media prefers to present the less auspicious accounts of native lives, get more out of being Canadian than they would have otherwise (ex. No taxes).

It’s time that the Federal government issue a moratorium on all reperations to Native Americans and end this now. We are wasting far too many monies in court and lawsuits that could go towards other intitiatives that would benefit all Canadians, instead of a select few.


Every country has suppressed other nations in their forward progression. NorthAM seems to be the only country crippled by it’s guilt. Get over it already please? The past is done and over. We need to move onwards into tomorrow.


Oh, and another thing I now never want to see again on television is a province wide police A.P.B. for one of my friends, Daniel Awenus. What has he done this time?


15h20, Saturday

Weather : Sunny 23*C

Mood: Unclear


Not quite certain as to what’s going wrong with my computer. Everything seems to be freezing up or just not coming up after I click on their icons. Doing a System Restore back to this Wednesday past seems to be of some help, although I may still have to go to Windows Live OneCare and do a complete maintenance check, providing I can ever get Internet Explorer to pop up on my display screen.


My parents, Laura and Jon and aunt Nancy and uncle Doug will be coming over shortly, along with the new entertainment stand and computer desk. Laura has decided that she doesn’t want it now, although now she may want the other desk that I’m replacing. We’re going to the Pour House on Dupont Street nearbye for dinner, which will be nice. We haven’t done something like that as a family since March last year for my twenty-eighth Birthday, and that was kind of tainted by uncle Doug’s mom Lois’ recent passing away two days earlier.


11h43, Sunday

Weather – 11* C Clear, Wind  : South @ 3km/h, Humidity : 54%

Mood – Amber : Nervous, on edge, uncertain


Computer is now working fine. There was some type of trojan I had picked up and a few other issues. It happens.

Mom and Dad must have already hit the 401 by now, en route back up to Saint Lazare and two anxiously awaiting Boston Terriers. I will sorely miss their presence.


I went downstairs yesterday afternoon to the Davenport Community Center, to see what Pamela has defined as a "mess waiting for me". She was not kidding. Seems that although plenty of people have been down and borrowing books, only Pamela, Renee and Mary have been the ones keeping it clean!! WTF?!!!!


Pamela has recently emailed me on some ideas as to earning money to install the internet to the waiting computers down in the Center, but at this moment I am kind of discouraged. Building management, Leslie Booth and Linda Palmer from CHU 25 and the Tenant Services Worker, Curtis have promised me previously to run a cable line down from the main offices, but nothing has been done in the 6 months since they made that promise, and although residents definitely want the .Net, they don’t seem inclined to do anything to earn it, and I’m not quite certain I feel up to the abuse (most recently from Paul, the building’s oft obnoxious loud mouth) or expectations from people like that any more. I do enjoy working with the ladies in the Center, I enjoy chatting with the residents, but right now I am trying to get the library itself organized and categorized, as well as handling monthly meetings with the Davenport Safety Committee, CHU, the TCHC Budget Committee. This is all time out of my life.


The way I look at things is that if you want something out of life, you have to go ahead and make it happen. Too many people seem to be sitting on the fence here. Prepared to bitch about what needs doing, or could be improved, or what’s wrong, but when the time comes to make a change, they’re still playing the audience.

I’m going to sit down with Curtis and Pamela, and see if they can provide me with any more input on not only their ideas, but how to motivate people. If I don’t see something soon though, I’m just going to take all those computers out from down there, and donate them to the residents themselves and let them do with them as they will.


Monday, 17h55

Weather – 15* C, Rain, Wind @ 23 km/h, Humidity 94%

Playing – The National (Global)

Mood – Amber : nervous, on edge, uncertain


Wow. OMG WOW!! You have to give Mother Nature props for her mercurial temperment.


I knew something was coming, what with the winds slowly by certainly strengthening their blowing. I’m on the south side of the building which I live in, facing towards Lake Ontario. From College Street north to at least here, there is only one other building that is higher than four stories, so the wind can move along unobstructed. By 16h40 when I noticed the skies were as dark as they would normally be by around 20h00, and I knew it was time to shut everything up. I was just in time too. Within moments, the heavens unleashed a deluge, with the winds so intense (at times up to 100 km/h) that it was raining sideways. At one point, I could see it forming into a spiral like form, evoking thoughts of a tornado. I called Pamela up, and asked her to pay attention to what was going on, in case she, her mother Tilly and I needed to get to the basement for safety reasons.

A roof on a building has collapsed near Keele and Langstaff as reported as I type this on Global News , trees are down, along with power lines, and flooding. Lightning struck the CN Tower over thirty times.


Considering the storm was an hour ago, you would never know it now.



Weather : Sunny, but cool

Mood : Jubilant


It was wonderful to walk back in to the Davenport Community Center today, and see some familiar faces. Hope it was a similar experience for Pamela, Renee and Mary too.


Pamela was not kidding about the mess either. Lot of backlog in the reading section of the Center to get back up on the shelves, plus I need to start making some decisions as to what I’m going to do with the remaining books from the Annexe Residents Associtions Book Faire from last year that are still in storage. We no longer have any more room to put them, and so far, very little interest aside from the regular drop ins, for me to care to hold on to them for much longer. It’s either that, or wait until this fall and unpack them then, sort out what IS staying, and place the remainder into the recycling bins and that will be the end of it.


Monday (Again) 14h39

Weather – 16* C, Clear,  Wind : NW @ 14km/h, Humidity: 39%

Playing –

Mood – Dark Blue : Impassioned, delighted, whiff of romance


I’ll be quick about this, since I have spent the better part of my morning doing house cleaning, which was in desperate need if I do say so myself, and I do.


Shannon, a young lady I knew from back in the day, called me up again from Hamilton, despite my having bailed out on her and her boyfriend Joey this past weekend. I wasn’t in the proper mood or shape to be fit company to go this artsy fartsy function that was taking place at the Mariott hotel on Bloor Street. They have decided to forgive me, in light of my reasons, and are now coming in via GO Transit this afternoon instead to do some pounding of Toronto sidewalks today, to catch some local colour and break the monotony that is Hamilton.



Weather  16°C, Clear, Wind: N at 23 km/h, Humidity: 31%

Playing –

Mood – Gray : Anxious, ill at ease, strained


Ugh. Hurrah!! Allergy season has once again begun. I was sure it was when I was talking with Elaina this morning out in the park out front. Surest warning is when I noticed that the  shrubs and tree blossoms were beginning to bloom. Just figured I would have more time to prepare. Chances are I would have noticed this yesterday, had I been more with it. Oh well. At least this year I had my decongestants already purchased and in my kitchen cupboards.


I have been trying to reach Shannon and Joey since earlier this afternoon, when I learned that Drew would not be staying over at his friend Sandra’s for the night. That will be happening instead tomorrow, so I have been attempting to reschedule to make all happy.


Currently have the computer almost acting normally again. I had to re-install Mozilla’s Firefox browser for some reason, as well as Windows Live Messenger and Set Point, which is a program that works in conjunction with my Logitech cordless keyboard, web-cam and mouse.


New software updates from Filehippo would be for Google Desktop version 5.1 http://www.filehippo.com/download_google_desktop_search/, which still hands Microsofts version it’s ass on a platter when it comes to plug-ins that help accent your computer experience. Microsoft has released their April Update to Direct X, which is the software that makes all your multi-media stuff come to life http://www.filehippo.com/download_directx/.

K-Lite Codec Pack version 3.01 is out http://www.filehippo.com/download_klite_codec_pack/ so that you can listen and watch the myriad of formats people seem to be putting their audio and video productions out on. Why is there no unified code for that?

Lastly, there’s Pidgin version 2.0.0 http://www.filehippo.com/download_gaim/. Previously called Gaim, but no reason being given for the new name (in fact, the Pidgin http://www.pidgin.im/ designers cannot even say why exacly themselves) , Pidgin is a multi-service chat program that lets you use only one program to talk with your world wide contacts, instead of having to use them all seperately.




Mood Green : Steady, stable, no emotional turmoil

Shannon has just called to cancel. Something has come up on her end, that she can’t talk about at this time. Hope she’ s alright. She didn’t say anything about Joey either.


Have to give props to the City of Toronto today for 2 different reasons. The first was the two moments of silence that were done to pay their respects to the T.T.C. worker who was killed last Monday as he finished his shift in a freak accident that injured two others.

The second is for the City finally moving forward on installing video camera in key neighbourhoods, where crime and violence occur almost on a 24 hour basis. Some may decry this as a waste of public monies, citing that if a person wants to kill someone in a public space, cameras wil do little to deter the act, but if the cameras do catch the act, and put this person behind bars so that he or she won’t be able to do so again, they have my vote. Apparently it does as well with Toronto Police Services, since they were able to bring in a murder suspect from a fatal shooting at Kennedy Station last week.


Finally, despite the drab years that have defined Washington, D.C. since Dubya too over as President, we finally have a new sex scandal. The fact that it took almost 2 terms shows just how boring a legacy Bush Jr. will leave America.



Playing – Stargate SG1 : Season 10 (CityTV)

Weather – 10°C Clear, Wind: S @ 10 km/h, Humidity: 62%

Mood – Dark Blue : Delighted, impassioned, whiff of romance.


Hokay. Pidgin would have been more interesting, if I had been able to remember my old ICQ password. Sure, I supposed I could set up a new one, but I have had that one for over ten years, and I’m partial to it. I also noticed after installation, that there was no Jabber support, which means accessing my Gmail account was not possible. So for now, that’s another program scrapped.


Also, I have decided for now, to remove the majority of the HP software that came with my digi-cam and Mom’s scanner. Don’t really need most of them, and they come with far, FAR too many extras for it to be worth the drain on my resources.


17h09 Tuesday, May 08

17°C, Clear, Wind: SW at 11 km/h, Humidity: 55%


You know, I have to wonder whether my life would be easier if I just did what Howard Hughes pulled and retreated from the world and just stayed inside my apartment. It seems my actions are always screwing people over, one way or another. Mind you, this fantasized act does not include bottling my feces, etc…. Neighbours might complain about the smell eventually.

Today, actually, since Friday really, it’s Pamela, who rescued me from my own stupidity by loaning me some money at a financially precarious time for her, and is now being held hostage by that act of kindness by the silly feuding that make up my family life on the odd occasion.

This one is because of a Fido prepaid phone card I purchased at the Esso station just nearby for Drew, for a grand total of just under $11.20. This has enraged my mother, who controls my finances for the very reason I cannot (self-control is not my forte), who is stymied over why I would do such a thing.



By the way, I wound up reformatting my computer and starting from scratch. I lost my legitimized Microsoft licence number, but since this latest version that Drew downloaded from the .Net has juts about everything, including IE7 and Windows Media Player 11 already installed, what do I care.


I’m thinking the problem started when I installed the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 software. I have no use for it, and it appears that according to the search I did with Google, that I am not the only novice that experienced the slowdown.



16°C , Mostly Cloudy, Wind: E at 21 km/h, Humidity: 72%


Anyone who’s anyone must have by now heard of all these new online social sites, such as MySpace, Multiply and Facebook. I know the media has been piping them, both for good and bad.

Today, I will concentrate on the good sides, like reacquainting old friends from many years gone by.

Facebook’s largest social center is ironically here in Toronto, ON and not some of the larger cities one can find elsewhere as reported recently on CTV.


An old “girl-friend” from high school Iris, has been in touch, an old school mate of my sisters as well, and I have located some childhood friends. You need to be safe though, so it is always smart to ask for pertinent details of someone, prior to releasing any personal information.


Latest updates to the computer are PC Tools Firewall Plus. I’m getting sick of programs that eat up too much memory, so right now I’m checking out a bunch of new ones.


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