Paying back, Victoria Day, too much jerky

May 15th, 2007-05-15



I paid Pamela back today, finally. I did what needed to be done, despite, and at least have managed to salvage some of my self respect. I care too much about her to want to leave her in the lurch like that. End of line.


I am also now considering that it is time to look for a 2 bedroom apartment, if not in this building, in something equally as nice. I do not want to lose Drew. His companionship here takes the edge off things, and despite his recent absence taking care of Sandra’s kids, he will be returning full time shortly, since Sandra will be moving up to the Thornhill / Richmond Hill area by the end of the month. She needs to, as her new career is up there, and it will make things easier on her and the family.


Monday, May 21, 2007



Note to self. Do not eat two bags of beef jerky and not expect to suffer from it. Ugh.


I watched the season finale of Heroes tonight, on NTV, and was relieved that if the series should end tomorrow, the writers did manage to conclude the current story line. Maybe not the way I expected it, as it was a bit anti-climatic, but good still. Hope they can continue the momentum with Volume 2.


Despite it be almost 23h00 now, people are still taking every opportunity to launch fireworks to celebrate Victoria Day, a national holiday that, despite now having lived here in Ontario now almost ten years, I am still getting used to.

The holiday was banned in Quebec. You’re not even allowed to celebrate it personally in your own backyard. Even the name has been changed, to Patriot’s Day of all things. How fucking American sounding from a province that sits there and scorns all things English.


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