Another life lost, Go Transit reaches 40, Safety Concerns and lack of sleep

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Another kid has been shot to death again today.

The event occurred up in North York, at C.W. Jeffries C.I. Something to do with fireworks being shot off and someone else getting upset, running into the school, then shooting a 14 year old in the chest, dead long before arriving at Sunnybrook Hospital.

Dr. Tom Dooley

said that "Nothing saddens God more than the death of a child".

It cannot be just due to race, despite the countless perpetrators and victims that are constantly being paraded in the media.

Premier Dalton McGuinty

and Mayor David Miller, as well as many others are once again asking "Prime Minister Steven Harper, what will it take to do something about all these handguns?"

Supposedly there is something on it’s way to legislation. I just don’t have those details.


Today is the 40th Anniversary of the very first GO Transit train. WOW!

175,000 people take the trains coming to and from Toronto daily. Thank You GO Transit. I and many others appreciate your services, and wish you many more succesful years to come.

May 25, 2007


I missed out on meeting Toronto City Councillor Adam Vaughan this morning, to discuss ongoing safety concerns here at Davenport. The reason is my sleeping schedule, which has taken a dive as of late. I just toss and turn throughout the early hours of the morning, only falling into a troubled doze around dawn. Chances are it’s due to my being off my medications again. Something I really need to rectify, and soon!

Fortunately, as I learned this afternoon from my neighbour John Corso, it seems that the Councillor bowed out due to pressing concerns at City Hall, and the meeting has been tentatively rescheduled to the 14th of next month. Guess we will have to see if anything comes from that, or if it proves to be another line in the long line of Toronto City Hall B/S.



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