Little Bird

Sunday, May 27 2007

Time : 00h03

Weather : 15* Celsius, a few clouds ; Winds SE @ 6 KMH, Humidity : 51% ;


I’m currently watching Blade Runner, the Directors cut, on my computer, trying to get the taste of envelope out of my mouth, from the current batch that I’m doing on behalf of my sister for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario.

There’s a baby bird bundled up in a towel nearby. Pamela had rescued it (no idea as to the sex of the little one at this age) from being inadertently stepped on muhch earlier this evening. but as of 22h30, when I went outside with Corky and a flash-light to check up on it’s status, no parental intervention. It was curled up, and when I picked it up, it felt very cold. I couldn’t bear to leave it alone, to either die out there overnight, or to be eaten by something that would make an easy meal of it.

Sure, the chances are it will die here, but, at least it won’t be alone. If it does manage to make it through the night, I’ll contact Toronto Animal Serices in the morning so that someone better prepared to care for it can take over.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed and just hope for the best.


It died sometime this morning. Too bad


2 thoughts on “Little Bird

  1. I\’m glad you brought it in.  We went in around 9:30.  It was dark.  I looked high and low for the little thing and couldn\’t find it anywhere.  Eventually, I had to give up and go in.  At least the poor little thing died warm and comfortable.  It was good of you to bring a flashlight to look for it.  He or she is flying free in the Summerland now.  Nature can seem very cruel sometimes. 

  2. Summerland .
    I like that better than what the Church and other folks that I looked to for guidnce in my long forgotten past used to tell me when I asked about Death.

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