CHU’ing the fat, going green

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In a couple of more hours I’ll be attending my first Toronto Community Housing CHU 25 Tenant Rep meeting since January. I could care less. Nothing ever seems to change there. It’s a most political position, thrown out there to the public, to give them the impression that TCHC is interested in working with it’s residents.
Yeah, except the meetings agendas are set out by CHU staff, most of the actual work is done by CHU staff, and most of the reports read are by CHU staff. So where does the citizen participate, or make their mark honestly?
I thought differently a year ago, but right now I’m a bit jaded.
Maybe it depends on how much a person is willing to go to bat for what they believe in that makes a difference. John Corso certainly does, that’s for certain.
He has his hands in everything. Too bad he decided not to run as Rep for this building. He would have made a good one. He seems to be doing just about all mine and Michelle’s duties anyways.
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Ok. So I was wrong. Noticing that happen more often, or at least I’m acknowleding it more, so don’t argue with me please.
Today’s CHU 25 Tenant Representative meeting, held as always over at the Senator David A. Croll building on Bloor Street West, went fine. I had a lot to catch up on, but it was nice to be back in the thick of things. There are so many upcoming projects and items in the next few months, but rather than deal with it efficiently, Council decided to take the summer off as of the end of June.
I and a four others weren’t too impressed, since we’ll just be running to catch up when we resum this fall, but we were outvoted so majority will carry. Besides, there’s nothing stopping us as Representatives from reaching out to each other and having personal meetings if there’s something that we feel needs to be discussed and cannot wait.
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So yeah, I was writing earlier on some of the upcoming events or happenings in CHU 25 over the next couple of month.
One of them will be the TCHC’s push to meet the City of Toronto’s requirements for a reduction in garbage, but that will take time, as all projects with thousands of players do. The second, called Green Works  will be the replacement of all incandescent lighting in our buildings. At least, the ones that the building is responsible for. This does not include lamps, etc… That’s your problem.
Residents will be provided a paper bag sometime next month, in which they will place all current lights, which in turn will be picked up during the inspections scheduled in June, and replaced with the new compact fluorescent bulbs.
Some of the Representative expressed some concern over the media hype that these bulbs have been linked to some fires, but this was downplayed as fact finders have proven this to be an exception, not a rule.
My concern, and one that CHU staff was not aware of, was related to lumens. As my mother explained to me, although the bulbs may be the equivalent to a standard one, it is the lumen count that makes a difference.
The lumen count is based on the number of candles that the bulb will provide an equivalent light for.
Most of these fluorescents are kind of dim in contrast so it’s important, expecially to seniors, that TCHC ensures that lumens are paid attention to, otherwise the project will fall on it’s face here.

2 thoughts on “CHU’ing the fat, going green

  1. Damn!!!  I didn\’t know about any of this!!!  Thanks for posting it.  I think everybody would be on board with the new lightbulbs if they weren\’t so expensive…Money changes everything…

  2. My job is to ensre that information is relayed to the residents, no matter whether it be good or bad, like in the case with the bedbugs last year.
    Information is a valuable commodity. It is what people do with it afterwards that causes trouble.
    Postings in regards to the TCHC Green Plan should be going up as soon as Michelle and I receive them from CHU HQ, down at Senator David A. Croll.

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