So long dear friend.


I spoke with Mom earlier this evening, and was informed that our family cat T.C. who no one wanted when I first walked in with her 15 years ago in July, was put to sleep on Monday.
She had been suffering for the past 6 years from some form of kidney dysfunction, and had chosen to make it an issue of late, by refusing to use her litter box, instead opting for such choice areas as the living room rug, bathroom floor, under my parents bed…..
Such a pretty kitty.
She was deaf, as some long time reader may remember, and my parents had to be vigilant in always ascertaining her whereabouts, just in case she snuck past them and outdoors, which really would have amounted to nothing. She hated the feel of grass under her paws, and thought the trees were going to attack her. Had she succeeded in escaping the confines of the house, she would have froze fifteen feet away from the exterior walls, having absolutely no idea what to make of the enormity of the world.
Now that she’s gone, Mom and Dad still finding themselves going through all the precautions they would normally have taken with her, only remembering her being gone half way through.
It’s nice to see how much she became a part of the family, despite all the initial protesting. It’s nice still to see that she won’t be easily forgotten.

Bonus’, baths, Storms, Firefighters

I tried to see about getting my community Start Up bonus from Toronto Works yesterday, something I am eligible for every two years.

Seems that may not be the case.

See, it’s at the discretion of the division manager, who seems to believe that the words "Start up" are meant to be taken literally. So someone who has been on welfare for a while and may be hurting for material goods, can be overlooked, whereas someone else, who may have lost their eligibility for whatever reasons or another, continuously, can get it, like druggies, parolees, etc….

This just sucks.


About to start washing the kitchen down, a task I have been putting off for a while, and after moving the fridge away from the wall, all I can say is, EWWWWWW.


Another wicked storm, and just after I bathed m’dog. Figures.

Drew asked me about it on Windows Live Messenger just five minutes before the sky overhead went black. It’s been a month since that last happened. The rain for the first five minutes was falling perpendicular to the street below, and I lost sight of the houses on the street 2 blocks over.

The storm’s effects were much more impressive elsewhere across the city, with trees falling in the Beach, power outages, and skinny male twinks running around in white cargo pants down in the gay village.

Also, I would like to extend my condolensces to the families and friends of the nine firefighter who were killed earlier today in a warehouse fire down in North Carolina.

Talking about Another book sale, Transit upgrade, Madeleine, the Demise of a television station, Star Trek’s next


You can tell just by the smell in the air today that it is going to be a warm one.
Just got back from downstairs in our building’s Community Centre. Drew, Corky and I met up with Pamela and Bailey so that she could unlock the doors, since I no longer have the keys at this time.
What a mess. Despite what we both understood to be an event which takes place every second year, the Annex Resident’s Association is already amassing books and other materials for their book fair, which will be taking place on September 9th.
Hope we get something more out of it this time than a mess, no thank-you for the help, and some books. They made $3000 last year while sitting in our private park.
WOW, Dalton McGuinty really knows how to pull a rabbit out of his hat when it comes to public transit. Our Liberal Premier want to make this the greenest place in North America. Drew nearly orgasmed when he heard the news yesterday. I’m still reeling from all the updates and facts that Drew now wants to inject into the very core of my D.N.A.
Now, let’s see if the Premier is able to keep this promise after following through on so many from the previous election campaign.
Phew. I rushed from the kitchen when Global National reported an update on the missing child, Madeleine who’s story and picture I forwarded to a number of my contacts and posted on some of the online social networks I associate with.
It was a false report, but no news can sometimes be good news, since the parents expected to find a body.
I feel so badly for them. No parent should have to go through such a nightmare, which it is why I think it is paramount that all children are finger-printed, have their retina and DNA scanned and filed. This false belief that people live in, that bad stuff could never happen to them, should not prevent people from taking precautions nonetheless.
Father’s Day today. Called my Dad and chatted with him long distance while listening to Mom in the background cursing at their new Nokia mobile phone. Seems it’s not ringing audibly at this time, just vibrating.
CANNOT believe that the CRTC went ahead and allowed CTV and Rogers to pick apart CityTV like vultures after it being sold.
CTV, part of BCE, a company already in the midst of possibly being bought over by outsiders, picked up all the A-Channels, etc.. but was forced to put back all the major CityTV stations on the market, since that supposedly was against the federal monopolization laws, so Rogers picked them up for a song. WTF!!!!!!?
I seem to remember a concept called diverse programming once being part of the media landscape. CityTV’s big thing was giving air time to programs that would never have seen the light of day if the other stations were the only guys out there, and now that CanWest has bought over Alliance-Atlantis, we are looking at a very homogeneous media landscape.
What happens now to the award winning CP24? The globally recognized Much Music? CityTV itself is being moved out of it’s old HQ landmark fire hall on Queen West. This just sucks!!
About to turn on Global National News in a moment. Drew and I just watched another online internet production for Star Trek. Titled "Starship Farragut" it follows Captain Carter and his crew, and ties in with the online continuation of the original Star Trek series, thus proving that the stranglehold the television stations had over what we do and don’t watch is over. That and that you no longer require ageing actors to fill in their character’s roles
My cousin Robyn’s nineteenth birthday is today. Hopefully, she won’t grieve about another years passage as badly as she did last year.

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


("Midland" is not necessarily the same thing as "Midwest") The default, lowest-common-denominator American accent that newscasters try to imitate. Since it’s a neutral accent, just because you have a Midland accent doesn’t mean you’re from the Midland.

Personality Test Results

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Talking about EMO, Maybe tESL is an option? Happy Pride 2007! Now we are “Unstoppable”

emo **courtesy of MSN encarta online

2. adjective
over-excitable: given to excessive displays of emotion ( informal )
2. noun
emotional punk rock: a genre of punk rock music that began in the mid-1980s in Washington, D.C. and is noted for its thoughtful and emotional lyrics
[Late 20th century. Shortening of emotional]
Sometimes, I’m sitting around, all depressed and sad, and wondering "Is this it? Is this all my life is going to be?"
After watching this internet program called "Hope is EMO", a suggestion was made by someone who wrote into the show, suggesting that you can find spiritual revitalization by taking an tESL course and going elsewhere in the world and do something with your life. Meet new people, see new things, experience life at a whole different level, making you appreciate your again.
My cousin Paul is coming home to Markham, after doing exactly this, in Guatemala City in the Republic of Guatemala in Central America.
Some of the events you may have seen or heard about in the media, like CBS’s "Survivor Guatemala", the huge sink hole that opened up in downtown Guatemela City, the earthquake and volcanic activity, heck even Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto Paul was somewhere around.
Maybe, I should chat him up and get some insight before he heads somewhere else in the world?
Caught my cousin Kelly on Windows Live Messenger, as she was coming in from a friends. From the way she understands it, although he will be coming home after the current school year finishes, that will not be until December or so.It seems that the seasons are kind of in reverse once you cross south of the equator, so our winter is their summer.
Guess I’ll write Paul an email instead, and talk with my Toronto Works social worker about taking some courses to get start my reintegration with mainstream society.
How the heck did I miss out on "Free Comic Book Day?"
Happy Pride 2007!!
Once again we raise the colours of the rainbow over Toronto City Hall to pay our respects to the LGBTQ community.
I’m going to be helping out with the TCHC Pride Float again this year. Our theme "Unstoppable" ties in nicely with last years "Fierce". With only a week to get the design laid out, the float decorated and everything organized, we are operating with the usual TCHC style. Thank goodness the people whom I’m working with are so much fun. It will be so good to see them again.
Incidentally, on a different note, this is the seond to last week that Sam the Record Man will grace the City of Toronto. the flagship store is closing after so many years. The property is also worth a fortune. Fortunately, the City and Heritage Torontohave made certain that the sign that has caused innumerable traffic accidents, strained necks and retinal damage, will remain an integral part of our culture.

How come there’s no emoticon to express how I feel at this exact moment? Steven seeking, Comwave, Windows Live Gadgets a gimick

June 13
Nana’s 89th birthday is today. Mom and Dad drove into the city to take her out for lunch over at Tim Horton’s. Some people why Tim’s but Nana loves that place, especially the fresh bread rolls and she cannot travel far in a car since she lost her sight. She get nauseous.
I was able to speak to with Mom briefly when I called to extend to Nana my well wishes. Nothing much going on at this time. she says she’ll speak with me again later tonight.
June 14
Damn-it!! Why cannot I see any of my emoticons or uploaded pictures in my blogs? This is ridiculous!!
So, I have uninstalled WinPatrol, which is too bad. I liked the litle Scotty icon and the sounds it made. Silly yes, I’m aware of that. I’m also going to uninstall AVG Free and see what Checkpoint’s Zone Alarm Antivirus (version 7+) is like.
So I was right. Apparently I am not the only one who noticed that Safari 3.5 Beta was slow. Really slow in fact. Bugs included
Seem to have my emoticons back. I realize I am just nit-picking, but…. It’s my human right to be fussy over irrelevant stuff.
Steven came over this afternoon, bored to death. Still hasn’t found gainful employment. He keeps quitting his previous jobs before finding something to replace it, leaving his partner Dan to pick up the fiscal slack.
It’s not like he does this with deliberate intent. He just doesn’t think beforehand. I feel sorry for Dan in this case, having gone through the same thing with Steven many years ago, back when we lived together at 285 Oakwood Avenue
Still, as long as Steve keeps hussling for a new job, and doesn’t spend all his time lounging around in their apartment, then he should be able to find something soon. Especially in the food industry.
Speaking of which, I spotted an ad in the local laundromat just yesterday. Should go back and copy it down and refer it to him.
Drew had a job interview this afternoon, with Comwave of all companies. Seems to me they were just the new kids on the block a short while ago. Now they’re offering jobs at $15.50 + to start. it’s a 6 month contract position, but who cares? It’s a foot in the door.
Comwave contacted only Drew out of all his class-mates for this position. He impressed one of their current employees, a woman by the name of Manuella, back when he took the Microsoft Skills training course last fall.
If he does get the position, and there really is no reason he should not, then he will also be eligible for full dental coverage. I’m just not certain how long into this contract Drew will have to work prior to actually being eligible. It used to be, you had to get past that first three months transition period before ANYTHING was applicable, giving employers just enough time to get what they wanted out of you before letting you go and replacing you with new lackeys, this way avoiding premiums.

CIBC is in trouble for this type of poor treatment right at this moment, and faces quite a lawsuit. First of its kind, and about time too, especially when it comes to the Canadian banking system. They’ve been holding the average citizen hostage to their capricious whims for a long time now, and finally someone had decided to hit back.


Does anyone out there know how to add a gadget to my Windows Live Space? There’s a section for it in the modules section, in customize, bit nothing there.

I’ve traced it back to some other Canadian spaces, but when I go to the Windows Live Gallery, I get confused. HELP!!

Cityscape and City lights, Encarta woes and Safari sucks

There is so much construction, renovations, repairs and modernization going on around this city.
I can’t look across the cityscape, without being able to count at least 15 raised cranes hovering above, like brachiosaurs feeding.

It’s awe inspring and almost scary to think that in another couple of years. I will no longer be able to see either Varsity Stadium or Hart House from where I live currently, nor the Bata Shoe Museum or the Rogers Center much further down the road.


Councillor Adam Vaughan, from our Ward 20, recently elected just this year? will be dropping by this afternoon around 14h00 aprox. to sit down with our buildings ad-hoc Safety Committee, to discuss ongoing concerns that no one else seems to be interested in resolving.

He was originally scheduled to be here last month, but sometimes things don’t work out when it comes to running a city.


I’m just going to hope that he makes it today. Too many good people are starting to lose faith, and are thinking that perhaps it’s time to throw their hat in and drop a trasfer application to TCHC and go elsewhere. Maybe even outside of the City of Toronto.
I’m not certain if I’m willing to go that far, despite my previous blog entry’s musings, but I do occasionally wonder if perhaps it’s time to look at some of the other residences that now fall under the branches of the TCHC.
I am not certain as to how many of my current readers stay up past 23h00, but if they had, they would have seen the CN Tower’s new lighting system being tested, and believe you me, IT WAS SO KEWL!!!!!!

You can see for yourself in the pic I have included in the blog, thanks to Drew who found and sent it to me via Windows Live Messenger from his class-room out in Rexdale (north Etobicoke).


Councillor Vaughan was still sitting in Toronto City Hall council at 14h30.He had tried to get something he wanted moved up the list on the days Agenda, but to no avail.
Too bad, as it’s left a few members of the Safety Committee feeling further disgruntled.
New software installations for the day:
Started off with Microsoft Encarta 2007 Reference Library. I wasn’t impressed with the Encarta 2006 Premium Edition. Too much crap, no key word search, so your search returns came back with far too many choices. Kind of like what happens with Google, sometimes.

I had the 2007 version installed previously, bit it came loaded down with all these extras for students. Blah!!


Keeping my fingers crossed that this time round it meets my expectations.
Okay. I like it better than 2006.
This version is, in my opinion, much more user friendly, and comes with the keyword search and suggestions stuff that I like, another feature I failed to mention earlier about Google Web search that I do like.
Another piece of software I just tried out is Apple’s Safari Browser, their latest beta entry into the PC World.

Supposedly faster than IE7 or Mozilla Firefox 2, I didn’t find that to be the case at all

. Also, little things, like it’s layout I find annoying. It resembles too closely iTunes, which I find ugly.

Still, I haven’t uninstalled it yet. I’ll play around with it some more.
The one thing you can count on with Apple is that when it designs something, far more thought and less spyware and extras go in to their product.

“All we are saying, is give our children a chance”. Winnipeg anyone? PHWOAR, Atlantis



OOOH. A review is being made by our Ontario Provincial government. Apparently Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal Party have finally clued in that there are TOO MANY HANDGUNS out on the streets, being wielded by peoples other than law enforcement officials.
About bloody time. It’s only taken how many deaths since they got voted into power?!!!! Most recently 19 year old  near Dr. Flea Martin’s Flea market in Mount Olive-Silverston-Jamestown, Etobicoke.
Now, I am not quite certain what this review will entail, but guaranteed it will be as efficient and useful as our Federal Gun Registry, still being maintained by the Federal Conservatives, despite all the opposition from Federal M.P.s outside of major cities it was enacted by Jean Chretien’s Liberals some years back.
Pamela is going to be able to take a big breath of relief. She has an online friend that lives over in Terrace, B.C who was living very close to the rapidly rising river last week. Fortunately enough since then, that same river has now dropped 2 meters.
Terrace, as well as nearby (relatively speaking) Prince Rupert (birthplace of my Uncle Jack), are still having some difficulties getting supplies shipped in, but it looks like the evacuation is over, unlike over on the other continent, in China, Australia and Bangladesh.
B.C. officials however, are playing it cautiously, as circumstances could change fast with the weather or spring melting.
Maybe I should start thinking about moving out to the Prairies, if the retail housing industry is anything to be believed.
Thanks to a low unemployment rate, and a robust economy, the market is insane.
Take into account what pickings we have here in Ontario, and it at least gives you pause to consider, even if only in passing.
Saskatoon or Regina, anyone? I might need a lift.
FYI. Mike Edgell on Global News is darn cute.
A lot of whoopee is being made over Great Britain’s Prince Harry and his weekend in Calgary.
Me? I could care less. Let the kid have some fun for cripes sake. He’s third in line for the

throne, and chances are, he’s never going to get close, so let him live.

I understand the whole dignity that comes with the title and all, but when it comes to the royals, I always liked Fergie best for her "who cares?" attitude.
Still, thanks to Harry’s antics though, I have learned a new word Phwoar, spelt exactly as I typed it. Yes, there’s a dating web site under this name, along 11, 800 other entries on Google but thanks to Urban Dictionary online , I now know that it means that it is an " Acknowledgement that a person is extemely ‘fit’ (as in good-looking)."
There are 3 other definitions as well, including one about Brittany Spears.
Crikers, does it never seem to stop with NASA?
After repairing the space shuttle Atlantis prior to it blasting into space last week, now we learn the damn thing took damage during take off. A 10 cm wide gap in the heat shield, the very thing that protects the vehicle, and it’s occupants.
NASA says that its not especially dangerous, as the area in question never gets even close to hot enough to present a problem. Still I’m just hoping that the astronauts are capable of making the repairs so as to make it safely back to earth’s surface.
Some pundits will state this is exactly the reason why the space planes have never been worth it. I am beginning to agree, although going back to pods attached to a rocket just seems pathetic after having a genuine space ship for all these years.
Three more years before these magnificent ships are finally retired. Let’s hope they end their lifetime on a good note.