Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad, Jericho lives, Shawskank Redemption, Mobile phone

Thursday, June 7th 2007
Today was my parent’s anniversary. Wish I could remember what number it is. I was also supposed to call and wish them well, but forgot. I was too busy with dinner, laundry, setting up my computer for the second time in two days… Even with a bachelor apartment I sometimes never seem to have enough time in a day for myself.
I’m going to take this moment to say how proud I am of all those people out there who woke CBS up to the fact that it can’t just take viewers feelings for granted when it tried to cancel "Jericho" last month.
You will have to read about the methods used (here’s the link )
Too bad no one thought of this when Star Trek : Enterprise and Buffy were on the chopping block.
Friday, June 8th 2007
Hurrah!! Paris Hilton is back in jail, to serve the rest of her sentence.
Yesterday, in a story John Stewart from the Daily Show referred to as "ShawSkank Redemption", the hotel heiress was released for undisclosed medical reasons. Today, the wheels of justice prevailed and back she went.
Thank you.
Drew left a while ago. Something to do with returning a mobile phone his friend Sondra had loaned him for a few months. Now that she’s moved up north into the dreaded 905 Region, she needs it back, if only to call for help when she realizes what a mistake she’s made.
Incidentally, she’s out of the country right now, and has left her three bambinos with family. Not certain as to the reasons why, but I guess if I were a single mom raising three lads on my own, I’d be taking an occasional vacation by myself too, when the opportunity presented itself.

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