Terrible trio, ill-Logitech, Glorious, Ricky the raccoon, etc….

Monday, 6/11/2007
H’okay. Let’s hope the 3rd time is the charm.
YES!!!! I’m referring to my computer , the one giving me all the troubles you would have read
about in a previous musing, had it not been deleted when I reformatted my hard drive again.

OH! Before I forget, I also managed to spill coffee all over and around the aforementioned
silicon demon, managed to save my HP Scanner, but lost my Logitech cordless MX-3000 keyboard in all the hooplah.
This was all going on whilst Drew just sat there at his computer, 10 feet away (I just took a tape measure out to record the distance between our two desks), either blithely unaware, or just choosing to ignore what was happening, until I tossed my now defunct keyboard at his feet.
This is one of the main reasons, I remind myself, why I am not big on roomies. For some
reason, they’re always underfoot, until the actual moment you actually need them. 
However, in Drew’s defence, it is NOT his fault that I so stupidly placed my coffee beside
the computer, while wearing headphone with a far too short cord beside my mug. I really need
to invest soon in another TV tray, or something similar, to keep all beverages and food
products as far away from my work area as possible.
I’m just about to step out and walk Corky.

Just wanted to mention that my Morning Glories, which I only decided to water as of Friday,

have started to pop up in their flower bed.

Hurrah! Now I shall keep my fingers crossed and see if any of the veggies or herbs I planted
do the same.



You should see this cute little racoon, sound asleep in the fork of one of the trees out in
our front park, here at 250 Davenport. He’s young. You can tell by the size. Wonder where mom
Just got off the phone a short while with my Mom & Dad. It’s always great to hear their
voices. Was relieved to know that Mom kept the bill and extended warranty for the Logitech
keyboard, so no matter what I’m going to be able fix/replace it.
Computer seems to be humming along fine at this second, although I am not going to hold my
breath, JIC.

New software I’m checking out:


Windows Live Mail Desktop. I’m beginning to get really sick of the replacement name for the
former MSN brand, but what can I do?
Windows Live Mail Desktop is the replacement for the old Outlook Express, but actually works
with your Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail and AOL. Plus, unlike Outlook Express, it actually comes
with spam protection. I like this so far, and have made it my default mail handler.

Sorry Mozilla Thunderbird. It’s nothing personal.


Then of course, there is GMail Drive, a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual
drive in the Windows Explorer, allowing you to use your Google Gmail account as a storage
It allows you to do basic file manipulation, such as copy and delete, on files inside the
GMail folder. Because it is a Shell Extension, the interface you work in is Windows Explorer
GMail files are physically stored as e-mails on your Google Gmail account. The files are
stored in mail attachments, and the filename and file information (such as filesize) is
stored in the message subject line.
Google Earth just seems to integrating more into mainstream life, to the point that you can
go to the Global National web site and take a virtual tour on where each of the stories
reported took place.



Google SketchUp. No idea why I keep downloading this, but it has played a major part in
making the Virtual3D world in Google Maps and Google Earth so concise.
I tried learning how to use the last time I was in Montreal, but there never seemed to be
any time. Maybe I’ll do better over the summer. For a person who used to draw all the time,
it seems like I would take to this software naturally.


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