“All we are saying, is give our children a chance”. Winnipeg anyone? PHWOAR, Atlantis



OOOH. A review is being made by our Ontario Provincial government. Apparently Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal Party have finally clued in that there are TOO MANY HANDGUNS out on the streets, being wielded by peoples other than law enforcement officials.
About bloody time. It’s only taken how many deaths since they got voted into power?!!!! Most recently 19 year old  near Dr. Flea Martin’s Flea market in Mount Olive-Silverston-Jamestown, Etobicoke.
Now, I am not quite certain what this review will entail, but guaranteed it will be as efficient and useful as our Federal Gun Registry, still being maintained by the Federal Conservatives, despite all the opposition from Federal M.P.s outside of major cities it was enacted by Jean Chretien’s Liberals some years back.
Pamela is going to be able to take a big breath of relief. She has an online friend that lives over in Terrace, B.C who was living very close to the rapidly rising river last week. Fortunately enough since then, that same river has now dropped 2 meters.
Terrace, as well as nearby (relatively speaking) Prince Rupert (birthplace of my Uncle Jack), are still having some difficulties getting supplies shipped in, but it looks like the evacuation is over, unlike over on the other continent, in China, Australia and Bangladesh.
B.C. officials however, are playing it cautiously, as circumstances could change fast with the weather or spring melting.
Maybe I should start thinking about moving out to the Prairies, if the retail housing industry is anything to be believed.
Thanks to a low unemployment rate, and a robust economy, the market is insane.
Take into account what pickings we have here in Ontario, and it at least gives you pause to consider, even if only in passing.
Saskatoon or Regina, anyone? I might need a lift.
FYI. Mike Edgell on Global News is darn cute.
A lot of whoopee is being made over Great Britain’s Prince Harry and his weekend in Calgary.
Me? I could care less. Let the kid have some fun for cripes sake. He’s third in line for the

throne, and chances are, he’s never going to get close, so let him live.

I understand the whole dignity that comes with the title and all, but when it comes to the royals, I always liked Fergie best for her "who cares?" attitude.
Still, thanks to Harry’s antics though, I have learned a new word Phwoar, spelt exactly as I typed it. Yes, there’s a dating web site under this name, along 11, 800 other entries on Google but thanks to Urban Dictionary online , I now know that it means that it is an " Acknowledgement that a person is extemely ‘fit’ (as in good-looking)."
There are 3 other definitions as well, including one about Brittany Spears.
Crikers, does it never seem to stop with NASA?
After repairing the space shuttle Atlantis prior to it blasting into space last week, now we learn the damn thing took damage during take off. A 10 cm wide gap in the heat shield, the very thing that protects the vehicle, and it’s occupants.
NASA says that its not especially dangerous, as the area in question never gets even close to hot enough to present a problem. Still I’m just hoping that the astronauts are capable of making the repairs so as to make it safely back to earth’s surface.
Some pundits will state this is exactly the reason why the space planes have never been worth it. I am beginning to agree, although going back to pods attached to a rocket just seems pathetic after having a genuine space ship for all these years.
Three more years before these magnificent ships are finally retired. Let’s hope they end their lifetime on a good note.

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