Cityscape and City lights, Encarta woes and Safari sucks

There is so much construction, renovations, repairs and modernization going on around this city.
I can’t look across the cityscape, without being able to count at least 15 raised cranes hovering above, like brachiosaurs feeding.

It’s awe inspring and almost scary to think that in another couple of years. I will no longer be able to see either Varsity Stadium or Hart House from where I live currently, nor the Bata Shoe Museum or the Rogers Center much further down the road.


Councillor Adam Vaughan, from our Ward 20, recently elected just this year? will be dropping by this afternoon around 14h00 aprox. to sit down with our buildings ad-hoc Safety Committee, to discuss ongoing concerns that no one else seems to be interested in resolving.

He was originally scheduled to be here last month, but sometimes things don’t work out when it comes to running a city.


I’m just going to hope that he makes it today. Too many good people are starting to lose faith, and are thinking that perhaps it’s time to throw their hat in and drop a trasfer application to TCHC and go elsewhere. Maybe even outside of the City of Toronto.
I’m not certain if I’m willing to go that far, despite my previous blog entry’s musings, but I do occasionally wonder if perhaps it’s time to look at some of the other residences that now fall under the branches of the TCHC.
I am not certain as to how many of my current readers stay up past 23h00, but if they had, they would have seen the CN Tower’s new lighting system being tested, and believe you me, IT WAS SO KEWL!!!!!!

You can see for yourself in the pic I have included in the blog, thanks to Drew who found and sent it to me via Windows Live Messenger from his class-room out in Rexdale (north Etobicoke).


Councillor Vaughan was still sitting in Toronto City Hall council at 14h30.He had tried to get something he wanted moved up the list on the days Agenda, but to no avail.
Too bad, as it’s left a few members of the Safety Committee feeling further disgruntled.
New software installations for the day:
Started off with Microsoft Encarta 2007 Reference Library. I wasn’t impressed with the Encarta 2006 Premium Edition. Too much crap, no key word search, so your search returns came back with far too many choices. Kind of like what happens with Google, sometimes.

I had the 2007 version installed previously, bit it came loaded down with all these extras for students. Blah!!


Keeping my fingers crossed that this time round it meets my expectations.
Okay. I like it better than 2006.
This version is, in my opinion, much more user friendly, and comes with the keyword search and suggestions stuff that I like, another feature I failed to mention earlier about Google Web search that I do like.
Another piece of software I just tried out is Apple’s Safari Browser, their latest beta entry into the PC World.

Supposedly faster than IE7 or Mozilla Firefox 2, I didn’t find that to be the case at all

. Also, little things, like it’s layout I find annoying. It resembles too closely iTunes, which I find ugly.

Still, I haven’t uninstalled it yet. I’ll play around with it some more.
The one thing you can count on with Apple is that when it designs something, far more thought and less spyware and extras go in to their product.


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