How come there’s no emoticon to express how I feel at this exact moment? Steven seeking, Comwave, Windows Live Gadgets a gimick

June 13
Nana’s 89th birthday is today. Mom and Dad drove into the city to take her out for lunch over at Tim Horton’s. Some people why Tim’s but Nana loves that place, especially the fresh bread rolls and she cannot travel far in a car since she lost her sight. She get nauseous.
I was able to speak to with Mom briefly when I called to extend to Nana my well wishes. Nothing much going on at this time. she says she’ll speak with me again later tonight.
June 14
Damn-it!! Why cannot I see any of my emoticons or uploaded pictures in my blogs? This is ridiculous!!
So, I have uninstalled WinPatrol, which is too bad. I liked the litle Scotty icon and the sounds it made. Silly yes, I’m aware of that. I’m also going to uninstall AVG Free and see what Checkpoint’s Zone Alarm Antivirus (version 7+) is like.
So I was right. Apparently I am not the only one who noticed that Safari 3.5 Beta was slow. Really slow in fact. Bugs included
Seem to have my emoticons back. I realize I am just nit-picking, but…. It’s my human right to be fussy over irrelevant stuff.
Steven came over this afternoon, bored to death. Still hasn’t found gainful employment. He keeps quitting his previous jobs before finding something to replace it, leaving his partner Dan to pick up the fiscal slack.
It’s not like he does this with deliberate intent. He just doesn’t think beforehand. I feel sorry for Dan in this case, having gone through the same thing with Steven many years ago, back when we lived together at 285 Oakwood Avenue
Still, as long as Steve keeps hussling for a new job, and doesn’t spend all his time lounging around in their apartment, then he should be able to find something soon. Especially in the food industry.
Speaking of which, I spotted an ad in the local laundromat just yesterday. Should go back and copy it down and refer it to him.
Drew had a job interview this afternoon, with Comwave of all companies. Seems to me they were just the new kids on the block a short while ago. Now they’re offering jobs at $15.50 + to start. it’s a 6 month contract position, but who cares? It’s a foot in the door.
Comwave contacted only Drew out of all his class-mates for this position. He impressed one of their current employees, a woman by the name of Manuella, back when he took the Microsoft Skills training course last fall.
If he does get the position, and there really is no reason he should not, then he will also be eligible for full dental coverage. I’m just not certain how long into this contract Drew will have to work prior to actually being eligible. It used to be, you had to get past that first three months transition period before ANYTHING was applicable, giving employers just enough time to get what they wanted out of you before letting you go and replacing you with new lackeys, this way avoiding premiums.

CIBC is in trouble for this type of poor treatment right at this moment, and faces quite a lawsuit. First of its kind, and about time too, especially when it comes to the Canadian banking system. They’ve been holding the average citizen hostage to their capricious whims for a long time now, and finally someone had decided to hit back.


Does anyone out there know how to add a gadget to my Windows Live Space? There’s a section for it in the modules section, in customize, bit nothing there.

I’ve traced it back to some other Canadian spaces, but when I go to the Windows Live Gallery, I get confused. HELP!!

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