Talking about EMO, Maybe tESL is an option? Happy Pride 2007! Now we are “Unstoppable”

emo **courtesy of MSN encarta online

2. adjective
over-excitable: given to excessive displays of emotion ( informal )
2. noun
emotional punk rock: a genre of punk rock music that began in the mid-1980s in Washington, D.C. and is noted for its thoughtful and emotional lyrics
[Late 20th century. Shortening of emotional]
Sometimes, I’m sitting around, all depressed and sad, and wondering "Is this it? Is this all my life is going to be?"
After watching this internet program called "Hope is EMO", a suggestion was made by someone who wrote into the show, suggesting that you can find spiritual revitalization by taking an tESL course and going elsewhere in the world and do something with your life. Meet new people, see new things, experience life at a whole different level, making you appreciate your again.
My cousin Paul is coming home to Markham, after doing exactly this, in Guatemala City in the Republic of Guatemala in Central America.
Some of the events you may have seen or heard about in the media, like CBS’s "Survivor Guatemala", the huge sink hole that opened up in downtown Guatemela City, the earthquake and volcanic activity, heck even Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto Paul was somewhere around.
Maybe, I should chat him up and get some insight before he heads somewhere else in the world?
Caught my cousin Kelly on Windows Live Messenger, as she was coming in from a friends. From the way she understands it, although he will be coming home after the current school year finishes, that will not be until December or so.It seems that the seasons are kind of in reverse once you cross south of the equator, so our winter is their summer.
Guess I’ll write Paul an email instead, and talk with my Toronto Works social worker about taking some courses to get start my reintegration with mainstream society.
How the heck did I miss out on "Free Comic Book Day?"
Happy Pride 2007!!
Once again we raise the colours of the rainbow over Toronto City Hall to pay our respects to the LGBTQ community.
I’m going to be helping out with the TCHC Pride Float again this year. Our theme "Unstoppable" ties in nicely with last years "Fierce". With only a week to get the design laid out, the float decorated and everything organized, we are operating with the usual TCHC style. Thank goodness the people whom I’m working with are so much fun. It will be so good to see them again.
Incidentally, on a different note, this is the seond to last week that Sam the Record Man will grace the City of Toronto. the flagship store is closing after so many years. The property is also worth a fortune. Fortunately, the City and Heritage Torontohave made certain that the sign that has caused innumerable traffic accidents, strained necks and retinal damage, will remain an integral part of our culture.

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