Talking about Another book sale, Transit upgrade, Madeleine, the Demise of a television station, Star Trek’s next


You can tell just by the smell in the air today that it is going to be a warm one.
Just got back from downstairs in our building’s Community Centre. Drew, Corky and I met up with Pamela and Bailey so that she could unlock the doors, since I no longer have the keys at this time.
What a mess. Despite what we both understood to be an event which takes place every second year, the Annex Resident’s Association is already amassing books and other materials for their book fair, which will be taking place on September 9th.
Hope we get something more out of it this time than a mess, no thank-you for the help, and some books. They made $3000 last year while sitting in our private park.
WOW, Dalton McGuinty really knows how to pull a rabbit out of his hat when it comes to public transit. Our Liberal Premier want to make this the greenest place in North America. Drew nearly orgasmed when he heard the news yesterday. I’m still reeling from all the updates and facts that Drew now wants to inject into the very core of my D.N.A.
Now, let’s see if the Premier is able to keep this promise after following through on so many from the previous election campaign.
Phew. I rushed from the kitchen when Global National reported an update on the missing child, Madeleine who’s story and picture I forwarded to a number of my contacts and posted on some of the online social networks I associate with.
It was a false report, but no news can sometimes be good news, since the parents expected to find a body.
I feel so badly for them. No parent should have to go through such a nightmare, which it is why I think it is paramount that all children are finger-printed, have their retina and DNA scanned and filed. This false belief that people live in, that bad stuff could never happen to them, should not prevent people from taking precautions nonetheless.
Father’s Day today. Called my Dad and chatted with him long distance while listening to Mom in the background cursing at their new Nokia mobile phone. Seems it’s not ringing audibly at this time, just vibrating.
CANNOT believe that the CRTC went ahead and allowed CTV and Rogers to pick apart CityTV like vultures after it being sold.
CTV, part of BCE, a company already in the midst of possibly being bought over by outsiders, picked up all the A-Channels, etc.. but was forced to put back all the major CityTV stations on the market, since that supposedly was against the federal monopolization laws, so Rogers picked them up for a song. WTF!!!!!!?
I seem to remember a concept called diverse programming once being part of the media landscape. CityTV’s big thing was giving air time to programs that would never have seen the light of day if the other stations were the only guys out there, and now that CanWest has bought over Alliance-Atlantis, we are looking at a very homogeneous media landscape.
What happens now to the award winning CP24? The globally recognized Much Music? CityTV itself is being moved out of it’s old HQ landmark fire hall on Queen West. This just sucks!!
About to turn on Global National News in a moment. Drew and I just watched another online internet production for Star Trek. Titled "Starship Farragut" it follows Captain Carter and his crew, and ties in with the online continuation of the original Star Trek series, thus proving that the stranglehold the television stations had over what we do and don’t watch is over. That and that you no longer require ageing actors to fill in their character’s roles
My cousin Robyn’s nineteenth birthday is today. Hopefully, she won’t grieve about another years passage as badly as she did last year.

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


("Midland" is not necessarily the same thing as "Midwest") The default, lowest-common-denominator American accent that newscasters try to imitate. Since it’s a neutral accent, just because you have a Midland accent doesn’t mean you’re from the Midland.

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