Bonus’, baths, Storms, Firefighters

I tried to see about getting my community Start Up bonus from Toronto Works yesterday, something I am eligible for every two years.

Seems that may not be the case.

See, it’s at the discretion of the division manager, who seems to believe that the words "Start up" are meant to be taken literally. So someone who has been on welfare for a while and may be hurting for material goods, can be overlooked, whereas someone else, who may have lost their eligibility for whatever reasons or another, continuously, can get it, like druggies, parolees, etc….

This just sucks.


About to start washing the kitchen down, a task I have been putting off for a while, and after moving the fridge away from the wall, all I can say is, EWWWWWW.


Another wicked storm, and just after I bathed m’dog. Figures.

Drew asked me about it on Windows Live Messenger just five minutes before the sky overhead went black. It’s been a month since that last happened. The rain for the first five minutes was falling perpendicular to the street below, and I lost sight of the houses on the street 2 blocks over.

The storm’s effects were much more impressive elsewhere across the city, with trees falling in the Beach, power outages, and skinny male twinks running around in white cargo pants down in the gay village.

Also, I would like to extend my condolensces to the families and friends of the nine firefighter who were killed earlier today in a warehouse fire down in North Carolina.


2 thoughts on “Bonus’, baths, Storms, Firefighters

  1. Tara, thanks as always for the encouragement.
    I\’ll see what I can do for that Community Start-Up bonus. I might talk to Curtis first though, and see what my options are before hand. If you check out the above link, you can see how the formula is worked out.
    It\’s not my worker\’s fault. Just one of the inherrent flaws in the system where those that take illegal or illegitimate actions get more than those who try to stay on the up and up.
    As for ODSP…. Still on hold. I would prefer to make certain that I have had a proper doctor for a period of over two years to fill out my application, providing that\’s the way to go, to make certain that I followed the proper channels.

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