So long dear friend.


I spoke with Mom earlier this evening, and was informed that our family cat T.C. who no one wanted when I first walked in with her 15 years ago in July, was put to sleep on Monday.
She had been suffering for the past 6 years from some form of kidney dysfunction, and had chosen to make it an issue of late, by refusing to use her litter box, instead opting for such choice areas as the living room rug, bathroom floor, under my parents bed…..
Such a pretty kitty.
She was deaf, as some long time reader may remember, and my parents had to be vigilant in always ascertaining her whereabouts, just in case she snuck past them and outdoors, which really would have amounted to nothing. She hated the feel of grass under her paws, and thought the trees were going to attack her. Had she succeeded in escaping the confines of the house, she would have froze fifteen feet away from the exterior walls, having absolutely no idea what to make of the enormity of the world.
Now that she’s gone, Mom and Dad still finding themselves going through all the precautions they would normally have taken with her, only remembering her being gone half way through.
It’s nice to see how much she became a part of the family, despite all the initial protesting. It’s nice still to see that she won’t be easily forgotten.

One thought on “So long dear friend.

  1. Chris:
    I\’m very sorry to hear about TC.  Please extend my deepest sympathy to your mom and dad.
    Having had to euthanize my beloved Tasha not so long ago, I can understand how they must
    be feeling.  It\’s a very hard thing to do, even when you know it\’s the right choice.
    Goddess Bless,

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