Where is the Justice?

17h57, July 22 2007

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"How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?"
  – Charles De Gaulle


Another child has been murdered. Eleven years old this time. His name was Effrem Brown. Who brings a gun to a birthday party? That makes four murders all together this weekend, and it’s not even over, and the City of Toronto is expecting the Toronto Police Services Board to do their share in cutting $100 million from the budget? Wonder if this will make them think again?

However, this does once again forces the gun issue back into the spotlight. There is a provincial election coming up, and frankly I’m going to be paying attention to what candidates are going to be saying about overhauling the justice system. Too many murderers are back on the streets, long before their victims bodies have cooled. This just isn’t right ! We need a government that is going to lock these people away, preferably in a northern penal colony, and let them rot.

black eyes, bank accounts, bread, TTC cuts, scare tactics, words of wisdom

July 19th, 2007
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"The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions."

I’m still chafing over the black eye I managed to give myself, when I unthinkingly flipped my desk chair over to take a look at the looe arm, forgetting that there are 5 legs I need to watch out for. Ouchie!!!!
Ok, now that is my chest, I am now heading downstairs to the front park in, oh…. about 15 minutes give or take. Pamela and I are meeting up after she’s done getting some information from Curtis.
Something to do with the old bank account that had been set up by a previous Tenant administration here at the building. That TA had folded, whether due to a lack of interest or committment, or the untimely death of its treasurer, is unknown to me.
I’m certain however that someone will fill me in on the sordid details, should I enquire.
With the new fledgling Tenant Association now commencing it’s second month, comes a new bank account, fresh with funds from the Canada Day BBQ.
As co-chair, it appears that I, in my absence, was selected to be a signatory on the new account, which I’m assuming is to be opened at TD Canada Trust at the corner of Avenue and Davenport close by.

Well, apparently you can’t walk into a bank these days and simply open an account. You need to make an appointment. so We’ll be going back again tomorrow morning at 10h30
Instead, Pamela and I spent more than an hour passing out free fresh bread in our lobby to the residents.
This is all part of the Food Share program Curtis is trying to develop for September.


So, tomorrow the TTC may decided to mothball the Sheppard subway. Thanks to $550+ million shortfall, brought about by the provincial government’s refusal to take back the responsibility for the social services it has been legally mandated to provide.
Only 44,000 people aproximately take the new line daily, and until the City can get it’s house in order, and Torontonians finally tell the province and country that we have had enough of this bullshit, it’s looking like Toronto could wind up being Canada’s Detroit.
Topsy turvy weather today. Makes life so much more interesting.
Wind: SW at 8 km/h
Humidity: 68%
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
Since I last looked at this, there has been a repeal to the statement regard the TTC’s Sheppard subway line closure. That isn’t going to happen at this time, nor the 22 other bus lines that were on the chopping block.
A number of people are now calling these scare tactics, being used to try to get the province to provide a cash bail out again. This includes Greg Sorbarra, the Ontario Liberals finance minister.
Pooh! considering that the majority of the budget shortfall is because of the province, that’s just totally unfair.
Someone either wrote this themselves (unlikely) or copied and pasted this onto their Facebook profile. Some of the stuff is funny, but horribly accurate too. I’ve reprinted it here so I can refer to it from time to time.
  • I’ve learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in.
  • I’ve learned that no matter how much you try, some people are just assholes.
  • I’ve learned that you can get by on charm for the first 15 minutes. After that you better have a large willy or big boobs.
  • I’ve learned that you shouldn’t try to compare yourself to others. They are more screwed up than you think.
  • I’ve learned that you can keep vomiting long after you think you’ve finished.
  • I’ve learned that we are responsible for what we do, unless we are celebrities.
  • I’ve learned that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be lots of money to take its place.
  • I’ve learned that the people you care about most in life are taken from you too soon and the less important ones just never seem to go away. 

Finals, Co-op slavery, House cleaning is not a chore, Another face now gone

Today was Drew’s last day of the Microsoft Network Specialist program that he has been enrolled in since January. He took his final test and passed with an 86.9

Way to go!!


Monday will be the beginning of his co-op, a cute word used to describe working for no wages. I personally call this slavery since there is really no guarantee that anything will come of this co-op training. On top of that, from what I have heard back from Drew, some of the placements for other students have had nothing to do with the field they have been training in. What does sweeping store floors have to do with being a Customer Service Representative, or Outbound Sales at a telemarketing firm have to with computer networking?
I have managed to get in touch with several past acquaintances, back from misbegotten youth. Most recent addition is my friend and ex-g/f Glenda, who I am now chatting with on the odd occasion on Windows Live Messenger. I think the last time we spoke was in 2001.
It’s nice really, and once again I need to thank Facebook for allowing me that opportunity.
This morning I made some spare cash just by doing what I seem to do best…cleaning house. Surprising, I enjoy it. What others seem to loathe, I find time consuming and therapeutic. I’m not a corner cutter either. There’s no point doing something if you can’t do it properly to begin with, and that seems to be getting some of the other residents here in buildings attention, as my client list begins to grow.
Maybe some day I’ll be able to walk away from welfare and support myself on my own.
Speaking of the building, long time resident Paul (can’t remember his last name at the moment) passed away sometime yesterday night. He’d had a heart attack or stroke, depending on who’s telling the story, and never awoke. Family members are being sought out at this time still.
I considered Paul in somwhat dubious terms. He had a big mouth, expressed his opinion too much, and hung around dubious peoples.
Yee gawds, he sounds like me. No wonder we squabbled at times.

An addition to the family, Denyar Clan reunion, Tenant Association, Ed Mirvish R.I.P. & Caribana

My sister just called here, as she and John were heading out of the city to head towards upstate New York, for a family gathering, to let me know they had just adopted a Shelty puppy, which they will be picking up on Tuesday. I’m going with them to help.
I’m waiting for Laura to send me the link so I can check out the latest addition of the family. I’m also quick to point out, that a puppy is usually one step away from a baby, no matter how much my sister may protest otherwise.
Mom and Dad should be pulling into Markham in a short while. They’re up for the weekend, not only to see me, albeit briefly, but really in the hopes of seeing Mom’s brother Rick and his wife Jan, who have flown in from Calgary, AB for a wedding.
They barely got to see them three year ago, when Laura and John got married, and Rick and Jan have barely made an effort in the last few years to correct this oversight. They’re kind of selfish in that respect.
Uncle Rick never even made the flight back to Montreal when Grand-Dad died in 1999, leaving it in the hands of Mom and aunt Nancy.
Dialing Michelle Mansano, my fellow Tenant Representative, to discuss informally some of the proposals that have been proffered by other residents here in our building as to how tonights Tenant Association meeting should be handled. She’s not answering her phone though, so I’ve left a voice mail, and jotting my thoughts fdown here prior to the news
Some suggestions are a little over the top, in my opinion, for a barely hatched organization still sprouting feathers, to want to get overwhelmed by.
All I know is that I have no wish to be the president/chair of this association, and I do not think Michelle should either.
I’m of the opinion that the Chair/President should just be a tenant, while the Co-chair should be the CHU Tenant Representative, which allows some arm length from CHU and their agencies.
Like in Star Trek Enterprise, Captain Archer was the idealist, and T’Paul represented the Vulcans, with their already developed infrastructure there to help out should assistance be required, and yet at the same time acting as a precautionary voice sif it were felt that Archer was stepping beyond the bounds of acceptability (read, interefering busybody).
Archer though still had final discretion when it came to exercising those options.
Exactly the way I think this Association should be handled.
As usual, computer problems have cropped up. Running the Windows Live One Care Safety scanner, in the hopes that whatever it is that’s buggered up will be corrected normally.
It’s nothing extreme, to be honest, but XP’s system restore feature is unable to correct it, and I’m unwilling to reformat and start over again so soon after the last time.
Forgot that I was supposed to go with Laura to pick up Colby, her new Shelty puppy tonight.
Only remembered when Laura called from the parking lot downstairs.
Ed Mirvish, of Honest Ed fame passed away today at the venerable age of 92.
It will be a long time before someone like that graces Toronto again.
Caribana just kicked off and it netted a big funding boost as well. Still, not enough drag queens for my taste.

Independance Day 2007, Lawsuit, Talkback Toronto, Alone

Happy Independence Day, for those of you, including my family in New England whom are celebrating.

The fireworks are blasting away over on Centre Island. What little I can make of them due to the inclement weather hovering overhead. Sounds impressive though.


Well, apparently at some point in the last few years, I contracted MRSA. This means that I have been infected with a virus that is resistant to virtually all anti-biotics currently available, so if I ever wind up in the hospital for some reason or another, I’ll wind up being put into isolation.
Right now, the jury’s out on whether or not doctors should be treating this like any other everyday ailment, since it’s not exactly life threatening, but should a decision come to pass…..


Lori Moore from upstairs called me this morning, to let me know that a family has launched a lawsuit against the TCHC for failure to provide adequate security. This stems from the events now referred to back in 2005 as the "Summer of the Gun" where a then 4 year old boy was hit by bullets in a drive by shooting in the (surprise) Jane/Finch area.

The lawsuit is holding the TCHC and the City of Toronto responsible for cutting back on their security budget, leaving most of the buildings at that time virtually unmanned.

TSK. This decision was later repealed, and $9.5 million restored, but the damage had been done. People now live in fear daily from the criminal element which was quick to seize the opportunity to fill the void that was left from those cutbacks.

CityTV‘s Anne Roehmer led the Talkback forum after the noon hour news, with both the lawyer, and one of the city councillors who sits on the Affordable Housing Committee. I was the lead-in caller to air my opinions.

Sometimes having this Tenant Representative title as credentials can be fun, and this was the perfect opportunity to use it, what with the continuous safety concerns here, that remain still after six months, unresolved. It’s about time TCHC learns to stop screwing around and wake up and take notice.

My one outstanding question is… if most of CHUM TV has been now bought over by CTV, except for the 5 CityTv stations, which are now owned by Rogers, why is Bell Globe Media answering the phones?


It can be so frustruating sometimes.

I spend the whole day by myself, pretty much, until Drew comes home from school, only to have him almost immediately after dinner, turn the computer on and spend the rest of the time, until he finally either turns in for the night, or the Daily Show comes on, talk to everybody else imaginable online, all the while remaining silent in the real world.

I might as well just be living on my own sometimes.

BBQ, Spiced, Canada Day

Tonight, the City of Toronto will officially be debuting the CN Tower’s official lighting system. No more will the tower remain in the dark. Thousands of birds will no longer have an excuse for hitting it. Moths, on the other hand, are doomed…..
Pamela has now taken charge of our buildings Canada Day BBQ, and almost everything is now organized. Posters are up. Most of the food donations are in. Paraphernalia has been delivered from Heritage Canada. Just a few things left to do.
I am positive that this year’s celebrations will go without a hitch, and that everyone is going to enjoy themselves. It was a real pleasure working together with all involved.
I’m wondering if this was covered in Leviticus as one of the signs that the world was ending. The Spice Girls are apparently reuniting. Drew is prancing around the apartment like a ballerina. GAWDS. It’s all I’m going to hear about until an airplane falls on them, and I’m not even sure that will end for certain.
Curtis, our Tenant Services Worker, has failed to get in touch with either myself, Pamela or anyone else in order to drop off what few supplies he and his Fred Victor Organization, were able to scrape up with five weeks advance notice.
20 hamburgers and buns, 1 mustard and 10 bottles of water. WTF?!!!
I’m really thinking that Pamela was correct in her stating that there would have been more effort made if this Canada Day celebration and the monies being collected were going towards the childrens programs than currently being funnelled towards forming a Tenant Association or perhaps one of the other building initiatives.
Pamela and I were relieved to discover that Curtis had in fact, come through Saturday in delivering the good at 07h00 in the morning. He hadn’t called for fear of waking someone up at that hour.
We had spent the better part of the morning ourselves fretting, since we had been waiting for Curtis blithely unaware that he had come and gone. We only discovered he had when we trekked down to the recreation room to just look in on the off chance.
So, the actual 250 Davenport Canada BBQ went off without a hitch on Sunday. We made all together, after deducting our expenses, $150 to go towards developing our Tenant Association. Despite the colder weather, 17 degrees for the better part of the day, we had a great turn out. It was shame, but a relief at the same time, when things finally came to an end.