BBQ, Spiced, Canada Day

Tonight, the City of Toronto will officially be debuting the CN Tower’s official lighting system. No more will the tower remain in the dark. Thousands of birds will no longer have an excuse for hitting it. Moths, on the other hand, are doomed…..
Pamela has now taken charge of our buildings Canada Day BBQ, and almost everything is now organized. Posters are up. Most of the food donations are in. Paraphernalia has been delivered from Heritage Canada. Just a few things left to do.
I am positive that this year’s celebrations will go without a hitch, and that everyone is going to enjoy themselves. It was a real pleasure working together with all involved.
I’m wondering if this was covered in Leviticus as one of the signs that the world was ending. The Spice Girls are apparently reuniting. Drew is prancing around the apartment like a ballerina. GAWDS. It’s all I’m going to hear about until an airplane falls on them, and I’m not even sure that will end for certain.
Curtis, our Tenant Services Worker, has failed to get in touch with either myself, Pamela or anyone else in order to drop off what few supplies he and his Fred Victor Organization, were able to scrape up with five weeks advance notice.
20 hamburgers and buns, 1 mustard and 10 bottles of water. WTF?!!!
I’m really thinking that Pamela was correct in her stating that there would have been more effort made if this Canada Day celebration and the monies being collected were going towards the childrens programs than currently being funnelled towards forming a Tenant Association or perhaps one of the other building initiatives.
Pamela and I were relieved to discover that Curtis had in fact, come through Saturday in delivering the good at 07h00 in the morning. He hadn’t called for fear of waking someone up at that hour.
We had spent the better part of the morning ourselves fretting, since we had been waiting for Curtis blithely unaware that he had come and gone. We only discovered he had when we trekked down to the recreation room to just look in on the off chance.
So, the actual 250 Davenport Canada BBQ went off without a hitch on Sunday. We made all together, after deducting our expenses, $150 to go towards developing our Tenant Association. Despite the colder weather, 17 degrees for the better part of the day, we had a great turn out. It was shame, but a relief at the same time, when things finally came to an end.

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