Infection, Pride, Made in Canada, New front door, So long Sam, WWE Monster

I’m recovering from an infection on my leg. Not quite certain as to  the how or why it happened. It’s on the mend and that’s all that matters, considering how ugly it got at one point.
I think I’ll play it safe and stay off my feet for the most part, which means I’ll be missing out on Pride 2007. Sorry Toto. We’ll have to catch the rainbow next year.
Another Pride come and gone, and it took City of Toronto workers over 3 hours to clean up
Yonge Street after the annual Pride parade had finished. Gawd, despite all the push for us
to be more environmentally aware, this is where we get a failing mark.
Mind you, I can guarantee you, that even if attendees had all picked up after themselves, the City STILL would not have had enough garbade recepticles out. A major source of contention for me.
Another MADE IN CANADA company gone. E.D.Smith, a 125 year old jam company, which started up in Niagara, had been bought out the American company Treehouse.
5 Days into summer, and already a heat alert has been issued by the City of Toronto and heat
emergency centers have been opened across the GTA (meanwhile, Kelowna B.C. had 10 cm of snow dumped on it, in what’s supposed to be it’s warmest month BWAHAHAHAHA!).
Well, despite some residents assertions that building management and CHU don’t listen and never take action when necessary, as advertised since last Friday, the contractors hired by C.H.U
and building management started early this morning on Phase one of replacing our much
outdated front entrance with a newer and hopefully, sturdier replacement.
This comes about, mostly in my opinion, thanks to all the needed fuss kicked up by the safety council.

The most noticeable difference is that the main entrance has been reduced to only one door.

This should help limit and contain all traffic entering and leaving the building. Phase two, the new access and key system will be started afterwards. When precisely, I have no idea. Of course, in typical TCHC fashion, the contractors installed the wrong door, and have now had to leave at least the exterior one, propped open for the night until the replacement is brought in the morning.

My new doctor’s receptionist Chris, from the Avenue Health Centre, right across the street from my building, has called and left me a message to do a follow up with the leg.
Doctor Mavrogiannis took a culture swap when he pumped it of fluid last week, and sent it to the lab for analysis. Hope nothing comes from it.
It’s still bloody hot, and nothing will change until tomorrow some time (yeah, right).
I’ll be going to Toronto City Council Chambers in the morning, to discuss inportan issues
regarding affordable housing with others from not only Toronto, but 2 other major Canadian
cities. vancouver and…
So long Sam, and thanks for all the good times.

Sam the Record Man, the iconic(ish) institution closed it’s doors today for the last time,
after auctioning off a good portion of it’s entertainment memoribilia, accumulated over a 50 year period.
The Sam sign however, has been declared a heritage landmark and will remain somewhere on
the corner of Yonge and Gould Street perhaps causing some drivers to still go into epileptic shocks.
Claude Benoit has been on the news as of late.

I used to watch wrestling, before growing tired of it’s direction move away from being fun
to something more graphically violent. I can still remember him when he made the jump from
WCW and joined with the WWF (now known as the WWE) with 3 others, such as Saturn, Eddie
Guerrera (now deceased), and John Cena.

Something struck me as odd even then with him. There was a look in his eye that seemed to
indicate something not right, brewing away just underneath.
Now he and his family are all dead of a murder-suicide. Don’t tell me it was the steroids
that are to blame for this one.

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