Independance Day 2007, Lawsuit, Talkback Toronto, Alone

Happy Independence Day, for those of you, including my family in New England whom are celebrating.

The fireworks are blasting away over on Centre Island. What little I can make of them due to the inclement weather hovering overhead. Sounds impressive though.


Well, apparently at some point in the last few years, I contracted MRSA. This means that I have been infected with a virus that is resistant to virtually all anti-biotics currently available, so if I ever wind up in the hospital for some reason or another, I’ll wind up being put into isolation.
Right now, the jury’s out on whether or not doctors should be treating this like any other everyday ailment, since it’s not exactly life threatening, but should a decision come to pass…..


Lori Moore from upstairs called me this morning, to let me know that a family has launched a lawsuit against the TCHC for failure to provide adequate security. This stems from the events now referred to back in 2005 as the "Summer of the Gun" where a then 4 year old boy was hit by bullets in a drive by shooting in the (surprise) Jane/Finch area.

The lawsuit is holding the TCHC and the City of Toronto responsible for cutting back on their security budget, leaving most of the buildings at that time virtually unmanned.

TSK. This decision was later repealed, and $9.5 million restored, but the damage had been done. People now live in fear daily from the criminal element which was quick to seize the opportunity to fill the void that was left from those cutbacks.

CityTV‘s Anne Roehmer led the Talkback forum after the noon hour news, with both the lawyer, and one of the city councillors who sits on the Affordable Housing Committee. I was the lead-in caller to air my opinions.

Sometimes having this Tenant Representative title as credentials can be fun, and this was the perfect opportunity to use it, what with the continuous safety concerns here, that remain still after six months, unresolved. It’s about time TCHC learns to stop screwing around and wake up and take notice.

My one outstanding question is… if most of CHUM TV has been now bought over by CTV, except for the 5 CityTv stations, which are now owned by Rogers, why is Bell Globe Media answering the phones?


It can be so frustruating sometimes.

I spend the whole day by myself, pretty much, until Drew comes home from school, only to have him almost immediately after dinner, turn the computer on and spend the rest of the time, until he finally either turns in for the night, or the Daily Show comes on, talk to everybody else imaginable online, all the while remaining silent in the real world.

I might as well just be living on my own sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Independance Day 2007, Lawsuit, Talkback Toronto, Alone

  1. Sounds like a serious virus.  I\’d never heard of it.  Do you know what the letters stand for?  About a year ago, Dr. Kitai was screening all of her patients for some antibiotic resistent virus.  I wonder if it was the same thing…Just to remind you, I don\’t have one of those "space" things so, I had to decline your invitation.  If you get lonely, call.
    Goddess Bless,

  2. I\’m going to make an ammendment. I used the term "virus" when I should have used "bug" instead.
    It\’s similar to the C-dificille you hear going often in Quebec hospitals. They breed well there.

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