An addition to the family, Denyar Clan reunion, Tenant Association, Ed Mirvish R.I.P. & Caribana

My sister just called here, as she and John were heading out of the city to head towards upstate New York, for a family gathering, to let me know they had just adopted a Shelty puppy, which they will be picking up on Tuesday. I’m going with them to help.
I’m waiting for Laura to send me the link so I can check out the latest addition of the family. I’m also quick to point out, that a puppy is usually one step away from a baby, no matter how much my sister may protest otherwise.
Mom and Dad should be pulling into Markham in a short while. They’re up for the weekend, not only to see me, albeit briefly, but really in the hopes of seeing Mom’s brother Rick and his wife Jan, who have flown in from Calgary, AB for a wedding.
They barely got to see them three year ago, when Laura and John got married, and Rick and Jan have barely made an effort in the last few years to correct this oversight. They’re kind of selfish in that respect.
Uncle Rick never even made the flight back to Montreal when Grand-Dad died in 1999, leaving it in the hands of Mom and aunt Nancy.
Dialing Michelle Mansano, my fellow Tenant Representative, to discuss informally some of the proposals that have been proffered by other residents here in our building as to how tonights Tenant Association meeting should be handled. She’s not answering her phone though, so I’ve left a voice mail, and jotting my thoughts fdown here prior to the news
Some suggestions are a little over the top, in my opinion, for a barely hatched organization still sprouting feathers, to want to get overwhelmed by.
All I know is that I have no wish to be the president/chair of this association, and I do not think Michelle should either.
I’m of the opinion that the Chair/President should just be a tenant, while the Co-chair should be the CHU Tenant Representative, which allows some arm length from CHU and their agencies.
Like in Star Trek Enterprise, Captain Archer was the idealist, and T’Paul represented the Vulcans, with their already developed infrastructure there to help out should assistance be required, and yet at the same time acting as a precautionary voice sif it were felt that Archer was stepping beyond the bounds of acceptability (read, interefering busybody).
Archer though still had final discretion when it came to exercising those options.
Exactly the way I think this Association should be handled.
As usual, computer problems have cropped up. Running the Windows Live One Care Safety scanner, in the hopes that whatever it is that’s buggered up will be corrected normally.
It’s nothing extreme, to be honest, but XP’s system restore feature is unable to correct it, and I’m unwilling to reformat and start over again so soon after the last time.
Forgot that I was supposed to go with Laura to pick up Colby, her new Shelty puppy tonight.
Only remembered when Laura called from the parking lot downstairs.
Ed Mirvish, of Honest Ed fame passed away today at the venerable age of 92.
It will be a long time before someone like that graces Toronto again.
Caribana just kicked off and it netted a big funding boost as well. Still, not enough drag queens for my taste.

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