Finals, Co-op slavery, House cleaning is not a chore, Another face now gone

Today was Drew’s last day of the Microsoft Network Specialist program that he has been enrolled in since January. He took his final test and passed with an 86.9

Way to go!!


Monday will be the beginning of his co-op, a cute word used to describe working for no wages. I personally call this slavery since there is really no guarantee that anything will come of this co-op training. On top of that, from what I have heard back from Drew, some of the placements for other students have had nothing to do with the field they have been training in. What does sweeping store floors have to do with being a Customer Service Representative, or Outbound Sales at a telemarketing firm have to with computer networking?
I have managed to get in touch with several past acquaintances, back from misbegotten youth. Most recent addition is my friend and ex-g/f Glenda, who I am now chatting with on the odd occasion on Windows Live Messenger. I think the last time we spoke was in 2001.
It’s nice really, and once again I need to thank Facebook for allowing me that opportunity.
This morning I made some spare cash just by doing what I seem to do best…cleaning house. Surprising, I enjoy it. What others seem to loathe, I find time consuming and therapeutic. I’m not a corner cutter either. There’s no point doing something if you can’t do it properly to begin with, and that seems to be getting some of the other residents here in buildings attention, as my client list begins to grow.
Maybe some day I’ll be able to walk away from welfare and support myself on my own.
Speaking of the building, long time resident Paul (can’t remember his last name at the moment) passed away sometime yesterday night. He’d had a heart attack or stroke, depending on who’s telling the story, and never awoke. Family members are being sought out at this time still.
I considered Paul in somwhat dubious terms. He had a big mouth, expressed his opinion too much, and hung around dubious peoples.
Yee gawds, he sounds like me. No wonder we squabbled at times.

2 thoughts on “Finals, Co-op slavery, House cleaning is not a chore, Another face now gone

  1. Yes Tara, I dated a girl by the name of Glenda back in… I\’m guessing it would have been 1991 I think. I was her "date" for her graduation prom. We had both gone to the same high school, Lindsay Place, but I didn\’t know her at the time when I was attending classes.
    We met later on after I had graduated at the local YMCA. We dated for a few months, but things never progressed, due to personality issues.
    Thanks for reminding me about Paul\’s last name. I wasn\’t certain.

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