Where is the Justice?

17h57, July 22 2007

Wind: SW at 10 km/h
Humidity: 68%

"How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?"
  – Charles De Gaulle


Another child has been murdered. Eleven years old this time. His name was Effrem Brown. Who brings a gun to a birthday party? That makes four murders all together this weekend, and it’s not even over, and the City of Toronto is expecting the Toronto Police Services Board to do their share in cutting $100 million from the budget? Wonder if this will make them think again?

However, this does once again forces the gun issue back into the spotlight. There is a provincial election coming up, and frankly I’m going to be paying attention to what candidates are going to be saying about overhauling the justice system. Too many murderers are back on the streets, long before their victims bodies have cooled. This just isn’t right ! We need a government that is going to lock these people away, preferably in a northern penal colony, and let them rot.


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