Goodbye Curtis, Kittens


What an interesting last week and  a bit.

Between Curtis, the appointed Tenant Services Worker from Fred Victor leaving for a better position working with TCHC as a Health Promotion Officer down in CHU 7: Etobicoke/Lakeshore (see map), a Safety Committee meeting that is showing the rapid loss of faith that anything here is going to change, and kittens running amok (soon to be a FOX reality show).

These kittens are suspected to have been the property of a couple on the eleventh floor, rumoured not to be completely all there.
Our guess is that rather than deal with the complexities of having to dial ten numbers on a phone to request the Toronto Humane Society take the extra mouths off the couples hands, it was just easier to hope that by releasing the kittens out into the hallways to roam, that some kind hearted sucker (this being Doreen and myself) would find and take care of them.

The "Goodbye Curtis" party was supposed to be a nice and simple affair, until it was decided that it was going to be more of a celebration.
Who decided this, you might ask? Wasn’t me. Nope, I was all for the nice and simple format.
The basis for this change in format was that Curtis, more so than any other TSW had done a lot for this building. I can’t disagree with that, nosirree Bob!
So, despite some minor wrangling between all parties involved, everything will be finalized tomorrow, four days before the intended date of this party.
Again, not decided by me. The rationale:  Curtis will need time to clean his desk out. His desk is communal, has no drawers, and everything he personally does is on his laptop. Sheesh, LOL!!!!

Still, these are the people who have pulled these type of affairs off in the past, so I’m not concerned in the least. It will be fun regardless.


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