Force Field try-out, Invasive procedures, Varmints, and Hunters

Right now, I’m just waiting for when this new Zone Alarm Force Field installation program finished downloading. I saw a review for it posted on my RRS feed and decided to see how well it works. There’s been an increasing need to isolate your browser from the Web, as a means to protect your computer from unwanted intrusions of any nature. (16h06 and I’ve now removed the force field. Chances are it’s a good program, but ti’s heavy on this current computer’s resources)
Mom just got back to the house about an hour ago from the hospital. She and Dad were up and on the road early this morning to St. Mary’s Hospital for a colinoscopy, which is now being suggested to anyone over the age of 55 to be done every few years, to avoid bowel cancer.
At this moment she has retired to her bedroom in bad humours. I don’t blame her in the least, and hope she’s feeling better when she comes out.
Laura called last night to let us know that her and John’s house was infested with fleas again.  Laura and John sprayed the place last year, when the same problem arose. Laura’s cat Cat face Jade is housebound, and they only got the dog Dog facefrom a professional breeder only a couple of months ago.  Darn varmints have to be coming through the walls from someone else’s home. Most of the neighbours always have cats roaming all over.
Michelle, Coleen’s youngest daughter called minutes ago to brag about her boyfriend Kirk managing to bag a moose on their hunting trip up north this past weekend.
I’m not a big fan of hunters. Most of them are just trophy killers, who have no idea what to do with the animal once their photo has been taken. With Kirk’s family however, such is not the case.
The dead animal is taken to a butcher shop who specializes in such meats, and the entire family is given their share, bolstering their food supply over the winter. They never take more than they need, which is the right and responsible thing to do.

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