A day in the Brentcliffe (pt.2)

The weekends’ as I may have mentioned previously, are dull here. To say dead would actually be a bonus, since I think even the dead have more cause to celebrate since they’re not here on weekends (or ever). Why an Institution that is trying to help people overcome their triggers and previous habits has little or nothing available to those of us who choose (or are forced) to spend the weekends on site, is beyond me. Still, it is just one more situation that I will strive to overcome.
Right now I’m wondering which of my group will be the first to be ousted. We’ve been told there’s always at the least one. My bets right now are on C. (and this is just not because he irritates me with his perpetual happy buffoonery)…. (Okay, yes it is Tongue out). I mean, how can someone be so dense as to continuously ignore the rules regarding the women only zones, and more recently, I’ve observed him with a cell phone Mobile Phoneon the site. He already has 2 strikes, and if he thinks his hairy greek chest and quips are going to serve to get him out of any more nonsence, then he’s in for a lovely wide-eyed surprise. I have to wonder if he’s doing it deliberately, with no regard to the possibility that he’s triggering other clients, or if he’s just fucking stupid? (I’m going for the latter, personally) Nothing so far on this gentleman has given me anu impressions of a significant intellect, so I’m just going to assume it’s the addict’s selfishness that’s being exhibited.
I’ll see if I can chat him up later on and try to warn him, but somehow I’m sensing it’s not going to make any difference in his behavious. He’s been rankling at the restrictions since a week before we all checked in.

One thought on “A day in the Brentcliffe (pt.2)

  1. There is always at least "one bad apple" in the bunch.  Ignore him.  It doesn\’t sound as if he\’ll be around for long.

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