Days at the Brentcliffe (pt.3)

Well, C. has yet to be removed, although the group gave him a private dressing down before the Therapist walked in to begin this afternoon’s session. He’ll do his best now to keep the cell phone out of sight, which is in all truthfullness, the best any of us can see coming out of it.
Incidentally, we’ve started in group to tell our drug stories, and although I was the first to present, methinks I’m going to ask that I be able to do it again. I’m feeling that I sort of glossed over my problems and didn’t focus on some (in my opinion) key points, since I had no basis on how my story should be played out. I’ll ask the Therapist and see what can be done to rectify this.
My back’s killing me. You would think with my mattress being made out of that new space age memory foam you see advertised all the time, that this would not be the case, BUT THEY LIED!!! Strike that item off my Christmas list.
Tomorrow, the Rainbow Group will be Transitioning. Their three weeks are up. It’s going to be whole lot emptier here. without their laughter and comraderie filling the place.

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