Days at the Brentcliffe (pt. 5?)

Well, thanks to my getting confrontational, in part due to my therapist not being very forthcoming when  I asked for clarification regarding the continuous urine sample tests that have been asked for me, I have now got my answers. I actually had to go over her head and speak to the CEO. I still don’t feel that this should have been necessary, in all honesty, and despite the reasons provided for keeping me in the dark I still do not believe it was the wisest choice.
Apparently, someone switched urine samples with me on Sunday, and when the results came back I was testing positive for opiates, which is interesting since I have been unable to leave the grounds since starting here a week ago now. It was only when results were compated from others previously submitted by me showed none of the medications, like the methylaphetamines I take daily were present, did they think that there might be a problem somewhere else.
Well the latest results are back and I’m in the clear. An investigation now is being conducted to see where/how this might have happened.

One thought on “Days at the Brentcliffe (pt. 5?)

  1. What a horrible thing to happen!!!  Only a real jerk would do something like that to "get themselves off the hook".  I hope the schmuck who did it gets found out and turfed out on his/her dishonest cheating butt!!!  Some people just have no integrity and will never learn to take responsibility for their own actions.  I\’m really glad it all turned out alright for you.

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