Days at the Brentcliffe (pt.8)

Ugh Sick
Not certain what exactly has transpired, but half the building smells like an outhouse. I do not recall this being included on the brochure when they were describing the CAMH experience.
I’m still getting over an ealier tirade. I have no problems providing urine screens, but when a) I have to have the door open and b) the person who has the door open is carrying on a conversation with another staff member, that’s where I draw the line.
I flipped. Big Time!!
I checked in under my own accord, not mandated by the courts. I’m not here as a patient in the med ward, so why sit there and tell us that Brentcliffe is technically a hospital (which in my books the needs and rights of the patients are paramount) and then proceed to treat me like I’m in an institution?
Can’t have it both ways

One thought on “Days at the Brentcliffe (pt.8)

  1. That is awful!!!  I think it may have something to do with that sample mix-up that happened recently.  However, people shouldn\’t be treated that way.  It offends their dignity and that has to be counterproductive to the whole recovery process.  If you\’re the only one in the bathroom, how could you possibly cheat?  There is no need for anybody to be watching you, let alone two people!
    However, you only have four days left and then you\’ll be out of there and on your way to Montreal.  Hang in there sweetie.  You\’ll be home before you know it.

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