Days at the Brentcliffe (Belated conclusion)

Alright, so this IS admittedly a bit late. I’ve been so busy since the Friday I transitioned, what with having to pick up Corky, say a sadly, quick hello and good-bye to Pamela and Tilly, rush back upstairs to my apartment to pack up my suitcase so that I can pile into the Honda with myu parents and drive all the way to Sainte Lazare, QC that day.
Transition was a nice, albeit sad little presentation. Normally the group transitioning (ie. moving on to their next stage of change/development/whatever) has a much larger audience. It’s meant to inspire those clients just coming in, as well as ourselves. There’s always at least one member who cries.
We were the last group for 2007. There will be none until after the New Year when the programs all resume. No matter what I might have said in previous entries, I was pleased with the individuals who made up our specific group. They were all special and unique in their own ways, and altogether they made my time spent at the Brentcliffe a welcome one. I wish them all the best, even knowing I will see them once I get back in After-care.

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