Snow, blowers, new record, Lakeshore General, New O/S

16h55, January 2nd, 2008
Still not feeling a lot of love Broken heart for snow right now.
Sore arms from all the shoveling: 1, Love: 0. BAH! Tongue out
This is not the most convenient time for the old snowblower, which incidentally is the same age as I am (28) to break down. Still, these things happen. I’m more impressed with the longevity that stuff we like to refer to as from being "way back when" lasts, in comparison to the crap put out today.

Thank you America, for introducing the short term commodity. QuANTITY B4 QUALITY.


Oh yeah. Guess it should be noted that today the world had another record set when a barrel of oil reached the $100 mark, even if it was only for a short while before dropping to $99. Still, ecomonists are figuring it’s going to go as high as $120 before things get better.
Now personally, I don’t find anything wrong with this. Sure, it was $15 a barrel prior to the United States invaded Iraq, and has only grown higher thanks to a global demand that remains unquenched, with China set to take over as the chief demander by 2010, and OPEC predicting that it might not be able to keep up, whgich of course plays into the market.

Maybe now folks will realize that it’s time to give up on this nasty business and turn to more clean energy methods. We’ve only been given a taste really of all the green machines out there. Now is the time those industries pick it up a notch and really show the world a better way.

20h23, January 3rd
Deep cold all day today, but now those rascally weather-type people are saying that it could do a complete reversal this weekend, with temperatures climbing to perhaps the double digits on the plus side.
Mom’s been at the Lakeshore General all afternoon, and just walked in now. Noreen again. Blood pressure dropped and something about oxygen saturation.
09h50, January 4th, 2008
So at some last night while Mom and I were watching TV, I got my update on Noreen. Still not certain as to why she needed two (2) pints of fresh blood if she wasn’t bleeding, but I’m sure it’s necessary. She stayed overnight, and Mom’s going back in today. She’s hoping that she can get Noreen checked out and back to Le Vivalis.
In the meanwhile, I’ll finish with the reinstallation of all the software on Mom’s computer.  She finally decided to take me up on the offer to put in a new XP operating system after she couldn’t install the latest Adobe Reader update, for lack of a missing  .msi (don’t ask. I’ll just look it up on Wikipedia and leave it up to you readers to decide).



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