Back home, Body work, Ignorance, Falling down

15h05, January 5th, 2008
Noreen was able to go home to le Vivalis yesterday afternoon. Mom called us, very much relieved, to let us know. She’s still concerned a bit though. Apparently Noreen was slurring her words slightly while Mom was preparing to leave to drive home last night. Personally, I just think Noreen was exhausted. Staying at a hospital, even for a night, can take a lot out of a senior.
Dad returned the borrowed car he had loaned while the van was in the garage being repaired, courtesy of a hit and run while it was parked in front of Familiprix on Boxing Day. I think it’s a real shame when people pull such a treacherous stunt. Now, it wasn’t much. Just a broken tail light and some body work, but from the height of impact, it had to be one of those gas guzzling over-sized SUVS people seem to enjoy driving around, with so little regard for those around them. I wish the government would take a stand and ban those monstrousities from the road.
Uncle Doug is home now too. Mom called Markham for an update and surprise, Doug himself answered. He’d had an angiogram performed on him. I’ll look that up on Google to see what exactly it is.
Let me see… what else? I reformatted and installed a newer version of Windows XP on Mom’s computer, this time with Service Pack 2, which makes the OS much more secure, according to Microsoft. My only regret is that it wasn’t the same version of XP that Drew installed on the refurbished computer I brought down to replace Coleen’s. Now Mom (and myself) has to deal with with the inticacies of Internet Explorer 7. It’s going to be the tab feature more than anything else that’s going to confuse her.
My mother’s refusal to even try to understand that there is a second language, a predominant language in QC, other than English, is infuriating at times.

How can someone live in Quebec all her life, and not understand that learning both languages is a necessity if you want to truly feel like you belong?


Quincy has been falling a lot lately. Mom thinks he might have had a small stroke, since it can’t be all related to his going blind now in his second eye.
Socrates has been blind almost all his life, and he doesn’t have this much difficulty

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