Kidney stones, balance issues, delays

12h51, January 14 2008
"It’s no longer a question of staying healthy. It’s a question of finding a sickness you like."
        Jackie Mason
        US comedian (1934 – )
Mom and Coleen left early this morning, to drive into the City, to the Royal Victorian Hospital, so that Coleen could have some kidney stones blasted into smaller detritus, able to pass through, with far less damage they would cause if left untouched.

Still, it’s not a pleasant experience, from what I’ve been told, being bombarded with a concentrated blast of sound, and although there is no mark left after, one comes away feeling battered and bruised nonetheless.
17h57, January 15th 2008
Quincy went back to the vets today, for a follow-up on his balance problems. He’s been on pills for the last week, I think. So far, the prognosis is looking good, although the vet chastised my parents on Quincy being allowed to still jump on and off the sofa when he’s downstairs with us. It could slow down the healing of whatever’s been ailing his back. We just have to be more be more vigilant when it comes to watching him now. Over the years everyone’s fallen into a pattetrn
16h30, January 17th 2008
I am SOOOO tired.
Didn’t really sleep well last night, if at all. Not certain if it was because everything felt differently sleeping in my underwear or not, if I was hot, or what. All I know is that when I finally gave up on the idea rest, homicidal rage was quick to follow.
On top that, I was having lunch today with Nana, while Mom and Dad went on to Montreal General for an optomologist appointment. I’m just glad I was able to beat my mood back so that I could enjoy myself while I was there with her and her friends.
Oh yeah. I’m not leaving now until Sunday.

Mom’s concerned about Quincy, and despite her desire to see Doug now that he’s home and bored, it’s been decided that it would be easier just to meet up with Laura, Sunday at the half-way mark in Joyceville. There’s a Husky gas bar and restaurant, just off the exit there, the last on the eastern front that we enjoy eating at. After lunch Laura will take me back the rest of the way.


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