Someone Spiced Up His Life.

Drew’s out a concert tonight, with Adam down at the Air Canada Centre. Tonight is the final act before the Spice Girls return to their homes and family in the U.K. I do hope, despite my feelings at this moment, that both Drew and Adam are having a wonderful time. Drew’s waited ten years to see these ladies perform.  
When I mentioned my feelings in the previous paragraph, let me clarify. I’m disappointed.

I only found out that Drew was going by complete accident a week ago. His mother had called from Scugog, worried that the concert had been cancelled. The girls, women now actually, had announced back at the end of January that they were going to be closing their tour early, ending the North American circuit back in Toronto. Being a very busy person, and not a fan, she had just heard the news recently. She wasn’t aware of the details, and was concerned that Drew was going to be crushed.

I’m not quite certain why he didn’t tell me. Maybe he was afraid that I would be disappointed that he was taking Adam instead of me, and honestly I’m not even certain IF he would have told me, perhaps opting to use the excuse that he was "working late" instead. The way I found out however has left this niggling suspicion, causing me to wonder if the reason he’s been shorting me on money for the last couple of months wasn’t so that he could pay for these tickets instead. He has two of them, if you recall, and they’re not cheap. 
Still, I’m 100 % certain that they were indeed a Christmas gift, in which case, he’s a lucky boy considering the damn tickets originally sold out in nanoseconds
Incidentally, I’m not the only one who’s a bit suspicious at this moment. Fact is, my whole family is a bit irked at this sneakiness. He hasn’t helped matter by telling me he would explain to me why almost a week ago, and then promptly forgetting. Or perhaps just not knowing what to say. He’s sweet that way. He doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings.
So I continue to sit and smile, wash dishes, vacuum, clean clothes, make dinner and lunch. Wish I didn’t feel this way, but I do. I’ll get over it eventually
That doesn’t make my feelings fact, but it certainly doesn’t invalidate them either.

An Apology Letter of Sorts, and Human Rights

"Ah Leila,

I know you didn’t intend to ignite what happened. You’re not that type of person, and I’m sorry for my initial reaction. What I should have done initially after first reading your open email was to have gone and taken a walk, and then come back and reread your email, but I didn’t.

I still feel that although you have EVERY right to speak out on issues that you find disturbing ( and I will defend that to the bitter end, even if I don’t neccesarily agree with it.), that you should not have implied that you were writing or speaking on behalf of the Davenport Tenant Association (DTA), at least, not until we had all had the opportunity to review what it was you were sending. Yes, perhaps I  and others misunderstood your intentions, what you were trying to say, but that is why we ware supposed to work as a team. To avoid that very situation, or to come to a better understanding of an issue.

Personally, I would hope that you continue doing what it is that you are doing, speaking out on Addiction, Security, Safety, Mental Health, but I feel that you need to take into consideration that there will always be other sentiments, even contrary ones to those that you wish to bring to the Residents of 250 Davenport Road’s attention. You need to take these into respect as well.

For example, most Provincial and City Governments (see Ontario Lunatic Asylum) used to have a policy of removing those people who had been deemed unfit for proper society, and placing them in Asylums, using the reasoning that it was for "Public Safety" as the official excuse. Most of these unfortunates who were placed inside were subjected to the cruelest indignities and treated horribly. Because of their mental health issues, they were unable to defend themselves, and many died. On a historical note, the same architect who designed the old Don Jail, also was the creator of the Ontario Lunatic Asylum

Only those who come from money were able to go to places where they were well taken care of during their infirmity, and if they could not be cured, they would continue living comfortably sequestered the rest of their lives.

It was really only in the latter part of the 20th Century that the public began to view these unfortunates as actual people (a number of delicious scandals also helped), not to just be hidden away and forgotten, but to be treated with dignity and respect despite their problems. Still, the damage wrought by these Institutions of Health can not be forgotten just overnight. There are residents in this very building, I will add, that were incarcerated at some of these places you wish were available. They still have nightmares stemming from those times. Can you imagine the distress, the fear, and anger you regretfully brought up by even suggesting such a thing?

I know, I know. That wasn’t what you intended when you spoke out about what you believe. Believe you me, I understand now.

I apologize again for you feeling as though I ganged up on you. I’ll even admit that in going over what I wrote that I can definitely see where you get that impression. I can’t speak though for the others, but I’m certain that they will get over it in time.

What’s done is done, and it’s time now to move forward.

Christopher King"

It’s been an interesting couple of days since the email I copied/pasted into my last blog entry hit the general public of this building. I’ve responded to a number of emails sent back and forth across the internet grapevine, and have tried hard not only to flesh out my views, but to see perhaps opposing views to mine. To understand them better.
Leila may be cast currently as the villain, but she’s not alone in some of the sentiments expressed in her initial email. I hear them expounded upon often here at 250 Davenport Road, ironically by some of the very individuals I spend time daily advocating on behalf of.
Since then, our Greenwin Property Manager Patrick has let me know that TCHC has a Human Rights Officer available, and offered to help me set up a general Residents meeting so that we can try to put these sentiments to rest, if only partially. No one ever comes away completely satisfied in any of these things. Still, every effort should be made to try.

Oh Oh

"Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 23:01:35 -0800
Subject: Hello

Dear Patrick,
Today’s News of the great fire that took place on Queen Street W. which CTV made it clear it was due to drugs activities in one of the apartments there, this incident made me think of the actual,  lamenting  state of 250 Davenport Rd that came to in the recent months!
It is as obvious as the sun what are the suspicious activities in the building?  Every single day personally, I encounter at elevator or in the Lobby old decent residents residents who say words of dismay, fear and frustration; specifically this morning an elderly lady on 5th fl. told me in fear and nervousness, she had to call the Mayer yesterday because there were men sleeping on teh floor drunk and scared the hell of her!  Myself, this evening came across 2 men who look like mats who left jail hours ago!   My heart was bumping so quick and felt blood is coming up to my head throne and start shaking.. (I had no way to contact police because my wheel trans coming any moment, my cell left at home and no way to use the lobby phone and the driver did not have one either)!
I am voicing these serious issues on behalf of every single honest and peaceful old and new tenant who took shelter at 250 Davenport just for having peace of mind, and a good quality of life. (This is the least to be given to us as tenant’s rights)
Being the Manager of our building, am sure you got a voice and well heard from higher authorities, and you know exactly to whom you address the issues, I have been long enough here to know what is the difference between managements, if the older ones were able to get in control .. you are capable too,  and can use what ever resources it takes to get us as tenants to that good level we used to enjoy all past years of peace and safety in our beautiful building. 
It is time to ask for scanning people same as other sectors in Canada ie. one can’t get a job without interviewing as simple as this inorder to meet the criteria of the position.  This building was named for seniors;  now most of them passed away or aged and new tenant came in.. the new change should be for students, singles, families! Very easy process and not drugs dealers, prostitutes, alcoholics and mental challengers.. 250 Davenport is called  "HOME" !!  The future in keeping these guys here is not encouraging but a great risk is threatening every one of us as good tenants who represents the majority while the minority need immediate help from shelters, hospitals, clinics,  and we as peacekeepers are not capable or our duty to solve their problems which is big yet v. risky on our families lives..  
Canada is the country of ongoing changes … they Housing authorities can change their laws to scan tenants before setting their locations! Believe me, this will make a big impact and change on both parties..These people are not coming to this building for having a decent and quality life style rather than manipulating and getting in control of the whole place as if it is a free space for their gang activities and bad business!!   That is not acceptable when the formula should be reveresed!!   We are talking lives here that are in big real danger and fear!
Last, myself am asking to get help in writing an appropriate script to act as a petition,and would arrange with other members to invite the Police and Security staff to the Lobby for 2 successive days (so we can get the maximum) inorder to get signatures of the tenants to show how much peace and urgent need for safety the building is suffering from and yearning for a better daily & nightly life!  (This was recommended during the last meeting Jan. 31st, and was welcomed by everyone)  
This needs an urgent and immediate attention, something serious and urgent has to be done before any acceleration would take place!!  It’s not fair to have the bad apples with the good ones when the majority are the good!!
On behalf of other members of Tenant Association, will agree on a meeting with you to get these issues settled as I said before getting to an dead end! I mean a fire God forbids again which will eat us all and throw us to the streets especially when we are innocents!!   
Thank you and looking forward to hear from you ASAP!!
Leila Boutros
Tenant Association Memmber  
Maintenance "
Ah Leila.
Sometimes, I have to wonder how, as a Citizen who obviously moved to Canada from elsewhere, you could be so prejudiced against people who are suffering. Whether it be from war, politics, famine, disease, mental health, addiction, in the eyes of the Lord we are all the same (Okay, maybe not the Irish).
I’m waiting for the news to come on at noon, but so far I haven’t heard anything yet to indicate that the fire which tore through a section of the City had anything to do with criminal activity, as you have asserted. That’s up to the Toronto Fire Marshalls to do.
To just come out, and write a letter to building management as the voice of the tenants here at 250 Davenport Road is plain wrong!
I love you sweety, but using the Davenport Tenant Association to promote such discrimination is totally against what it is the Association is supposed to be doing. Our manadate, to my understanding is to promote the ideal of a Community of inclusion. To break through the barriers of discrimination and ignorance so that we that we can, if not love one another, at least come to some sort of understanding.
There is clearly going to have to be some damage control here.
I don’t want to lose you as a member of the  Association, but this type of behaviour is unacceptable and needs to be checked.

6 Alarm Fire Engulfs Toronto Hot Spot

Guess I’m one of the few posting over in BlogTo that actually has some good memories of fun times at the Big Bop.

Sucks to be you 😛

My heart goes out to all the home and business owners for your loss. Toronto’s Queen West areas boasts some of the places I truly enjoy strolling through. It is an area of the City that makes everyone who comes down there feel like they can fit in.

I can only hope that whatever finally goes in to replace these lost treasures embraces that spirit, rather than sunbvert and replace it.



Drew got caught up with this months rent, just like Tara insisted he would, although he’s still lagging on grocery money Money
His cell phone Mobile Phone now has had it’s service turned off. Comes from being unable to cover his part of the collective bill shared amongst eight family members <ouch>. So in this, he’s not entirely to blame. Even if he had come up with his part, it still would have been shut down by Bell Mobility.
Bottom line is that I’m not overly concerned with Drew being unable to pay the rent. it’s not that at all. It’s that he’s been working since January and not being paid. He admits that this IS partially his fault, by insisting to Bossman that it’s okay when he proffers his apologies and excuses.
It is however, an issue, and that I still feel should not be protracted for much longer.
Would you work 60-80 hours a week without pay? Especially when Bossman is able to go on a business trip Airplane to Vancouver for future investment options, as well as going to Montreal for a weekend to play on stage with some band cronies Note?

Which beatles Song Describes Your Life Now?

Which Beatles Song Describes Your Life Right Now?

You have recently been given a newfound freedom. You are a very hopeful individual with a unique and creative mind. However you do not like being told what to do, and value your independence. You have a good deal of patience but may be a little insecure about yourself. However your independence will put you into new, challenging situations and you will find courage you did not know you had.

click here to watch the video of this song

Playing with matches in a straw house (Revised)

 Drew was going to WALK to work today!

That’s right! In this temperature! When stories about the difference between frost bite and frost nip are being published on the City News website, Drew was going walk from here, at 250 Davenport Road all the way to his work place Fast Trac Computers and Networking Ltd. on Brock Street.

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I’m not quite sure why Drew would not mention something like this to me. I had to fish around, getting the answer I wanted at around 23h25 last night. I’m thinking that next time, just asking "Do you have any money this week for rent and/or and groceries?" will save me time. Once again, his boss GERRY is late in paying him (when he does at all), leaving Drew in such a lurch that he was going to stubbornly RISK his health rather than simply ask me if he could borrow a bus ticket

Drew’s not doing himself, or me, any favours by continuously holding this type of information close to his chest, and I’m not sure why he’s doing so. Even worse, whether I can even allow myself to care at this point.

I understand that a person has a right to privacy. There are some things in life that are truly no one else’s business. I can respect that. But, there’s a difference between that and actually withholding pertinent information.

When I was partying, my parents were keeping a safety net over my expenses by limiting access to my money. This assured me that no matter what, my rent was paid, as were my phone and cable bills.

Drew cannot continue to think that my safety net can be his for much longer. In the real world, if he was living on his own, he would have already been forced to make the tough decision and leave what I consider a dead end job, to find something more secure. His inability to make a decision is not just impacting on his world, but on mine.

I really can’t keep this up, and honestly, I shouldn’t have to, but I will hold fast for a bit longer and hope that things between Drew and Gerry get caught up with financially.