Davenport Locker Room Reclamation Proect, or the Secrets of Locker Room 23(tm)

Sent out last Friday, February 1st 2008
I realize that for some of you, this task is well above and beyond anything that you might be capable of doing, but I’m trying to make certain that I include everyone that I have the email address. Not only to keep y’all posted, but to see if there is anyone else interested in helping the residents of 250 Davenport Road reclaim our freedom and property back from those that would tear us down.

Let me clarify the  matter:

A couple of months ago I was taking a personal Safety Walk, snapping pictures of the building to continue making our case on Safety and Security to TCHC, Greenwin Property Management, Intelligarde and Toronto Police Sevices (Division 53).  I decided to go down to SSB.
For those of you reading this that have no clue where this level is located, it’s the one below where you get off to access the Recreation Room and Library. You can’t get to this level via the elevators, unless you’re maintenance and have the access key. Residents are obliged to use the stairwell to get down, although they can access the elevator from there. This is not encouraged by Greenwin Property Management. Fact is, GPM is not even allowing residents here to even store their belonging in those locker rooms any more. Why?

Okay, I admit it, I was nosy, and I need a locker. I had heard things through the public grape vine. Rumours of a legendary city, a species of mankind thought lost to the annals of time, buried Native American treasure. All this and more. I needed to ferret out fact from fiction.
Imagine my dismay to learn the reasons were something much more mundane. The truth of the matter is that some of the sordid individuals whom we see daily, trespassers, prostitutes and druggies, had broken into one of the rooms, using at as combined flop house, toilet and to use their drugs. You should see it. It truly is hard to believe. Almost every locker there has been broken into and the mess is…. Well, it’s  beyond description, but stay tuned, because there will be pictures.

It’s no longer being used as such. New locks have been installed for this room, as well on every other locker room and public space, and thanks to residents who have been calling in to report all sighting of criminal activity, we’ve kept it this way.
John Corso, myself, and a couple of other residents are going to be trying to get this space cleaned out. We would like to use it as a nursery, to get the flowers that everyone loves out front of the building germinated for this spring, and for the Community Garden that is in the process of being developed. That’s right folks, we’re growing vegetable this year for the Community Kitchen and Food Share. Sure, there are other spaces in 250 Davenport we could use, but the bottom line is that this OUR BUILDING! OUR HOME! We could really use some help, and if you can, let me assure you that your efforts would not be wasted.

It’s not just a matter of this problem being the responsibility of Greenwin, or TCHC. We are all responsible for where we live, and it’s time we start doing so. Please get back to me, John Corso or anyone else on the Davenport Tenant Association. Let’s bring 250 Davenport back from the edge, and return it to being the place of beauty it once was and will be again.

Thank you.

Christopher King
Tenant Representative, 250 Davenport Road
CHU 25 Davenport-Midtown, TCHC


Sent out on Monday morning, February 4th 2008

Hey everyone.
Thank you to those of residents who volunteered, so far, in helping reclaim locker room 23.
You are what makes 250 Davenport not just a building, but a home.

I’ll send more pictures as the project continues.

For those of you who perhaps are not aware, Locker Room 23 is located in the Sub-sub-basement, which is no longer really accessible to Residents unless you take the stairwells. This is due to flooding from broken water pipes, and a rash of break-ins, lack of security to ensure that Residents are safe when accessing these spaces, etc…

Locker Room 23 was being used as a flop house until last Fall. It no longer serves that purpose. The locks have been changed, and thanks to Residents, Greenwin, TCHC and TPS it’s going to stay that way, but as you can see in the photos, the damage has been done.
Davenport Tenant Association (DTA) is currently converting the former locker room into a Nursery, for the front garden and the upcoming Community Garden to be located in the front.

If you would like to contribute to this project in some way or form, don’t hesitate in dropping any of the DTA a note. The box is located in the front lobby.

Christopher King
Tenant Representative, 250 Davenport Road
CHU 25 Davenport-Midtown, TCHC


3 thoughts on “Davenport Locker Room Reclamation Proect, or the Secrets of Locker Room 23(tm)

  1. I\’ll help out any way I can.  I can\’t think of anything nicer than to see plants sprouting where all that carnage was!

  2. LOL
    Your record with plants is not the best sweetie.
    Are you certain this is something you wish to involve yourself in? I was thinking maybe the compost heap instead…. 😉

  3. I don\’t know whether I followed up on this story in another entry, but let me do so now, JIC.When I emailed these pictures out to everyone on my TCHC mailing list, including my former CHU manager Leslie Booth, the shit hit the fan rather quickly.Within 24 hrs, the locker room was cleaned out properly, and a new lock was installed.

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