Market Day

I just wanted to personally express how much fun I had yesterday helping out with Market Day in the front lobby of our home, 250 Davenport Road .

This was the second time round for this special project, which was lovingly created with the blood, sweat and sometimes tears by the Davenport Tenant Association  and Food Share, a non-profit Toronto agency working to improve access to affordable and healthy food from field to table.

The first Market Day was held back in December 2007, and was an instant success. According to our referees, it took less than 90 minutes for all the stock donated by Food Share to be almost completely sold out.

This second time, with a generous donation from Greenwin Property Management, c/o Patrick (we love you), on top of the monies made from the previous sale, there was an even greater selection available to Residents, and some contractors who were on site and decided to take advantage of the great prices. It took less than an hour for the Market to once again be virtually sold out. The Residents here could not get enough and were clamoring for more.

Market Day will be a continuing project, coming every 2 weeks here at Davenport Road.

I heartily encourage all Residents to come and take advantage of the great prices, community spirit and laughter each and every time.

To the Tenant Representative in the other CHU 25 Davenport-Midtown communities, this is definitely something you may want to look into. It is a heart warming experience, one not to be missed out on if you truly wish to see something that could benefit the people you’re representing.

A special thanks goes out to all the people who made this Market Day a significant part of our lives here at 250 Davenport Road.

This is what makes our building more than just an address!!



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