Playing with matches in a straw house (Revised)

 Drew was going to WALK to work today!

That’s right! In this temperature! When stories about the difference between frost bite and frost nip are being published on the City News website, Drew was going walk from here, at 250 Davenport Road all the way to his work place Fast Trac Computers and Networking Ltd. on Brock Street.

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I’m not quite sure why Drew would not mention something like this to me. I had to fish around, getting the answer I wanted at around 23h25 last night. I’m thinking that next time, just asking "Do you have any money this week for rent and/or and groceries?" will save me time. Once again, his boss GERRY is late in paying him (when he does at all), leaving Drew in such a lurch that he was going to stubbornly RISK his health rather than simply ask me if he could borrow a bus ticket

Drew’s not doing himself, or me, any favours by continuously holding this type of information close to his chest, and I’m not sure why he’s doing so. Even worse, whether I can even allow myself to care at this point.

I understand that a person has a right to privacy. There are some things in life that are truly no one else’s business. I can respect that. But, there’s a difference between that and actually withholding pertinent information.

When I was partying, my parents were keeping a safety net over my expenses by limiting access to my money. This assured me that no matter what, my rent was paid, as were my phone and cable bills.

Drew cannot continue to think that my safety net can be his for much longer. In the real world, if he was living on his own, he would have already been forced to make the tough decision and leave what I consider a dead end job, to find something more secure. His inability to make a decision is not just impacting on his world, but on mine.

I really can’t keep this up, and honestly, I shouldn’t have to, but I will hold fast for a bit longer and hope that things between Drew and Gerry get caught up with financially.


One thought on “Playing with matches in a straw house (Revised)

  1. There was a comment here, from Tara, which I clicked on and erased by accident.Essentially, it just told me to think about all the long hours that Drew puts in, and that even though the money may come late, it does eventually come

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