Someone Spiced Up His Life.

Drew’s out a concert tonight, with Adam down at the Air Canada Centre. Tonight is the final act before the Spice Girls return to their homes and family in the U.K. I do hope, despite my feelings at this moment, that both Drew and Adam are having a wonderful time. Drew’s waited ten years to see these ladies perform.  
When I mentioned my feelings in the previous paragraph, let me clarify. I’m disappointed.

I only found out that Drew was going by complete accident a week ago. His mother had called from Scugog, worried that the concert had been cancelled. The girls, women now actually, had announced back at the end of January that they were going to be closing their tour early, ending the North American circuit back in Toronto. Being a very busy person, and not a fan, she had just heard the news recently. She wasn’t aware of the details, and was concerned that Drew was going to be crushed.

I’m not quite certain why he didn’t tell me. Maybe he was afraid that I would be disappointed that he was taking Adam instead of me, and honestly I’m not even certain IF he would have told me, perhaps opting to use the excuse that he was "working late" instead. The way I found out however has left this niggling suspicion, causing me to wonder if the reason he’s been shorting me on money for the last couple of months wasn’t so that he could pay for these tickets instead. He has two of them, if you recall, and they’re not cheap. 
Still, I’m 100 % certain that they were indeed a Christmas gift, in which case, he’s a lucky boy considering the damn tickets originally sold out in nanoseconds
Incidentally, I’m not the only one who’s a bit suspicious at this moment. Fact is, my whole family is a bit irked at this sneakiness. He hasn’t helped matter by telling me he would explain to me why almost a week ago, and then promptly forgetting. Or perhaps just not knowing what to say. He’s sweet that way. He doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings.
So I continue to sit and smile, wash dishes, vacuum, clean clothes, make dinner and lunch. Wish I didn’t feel this way, but I do. I’ll get over it eventually
That doesn’t make my feelings fact, but it certainly doesn’t invalidate them either.

2 thoughts on “Someone Spiced Up His Life.

  1. A smart man would consider himself lucky to not have to sit through an evening of the Spice Girls.
    This is Drew\’s dream of a lifetime…Let it go.

  2. Yet another example of how being honeat right from the start could have saved a lot of trouble. Sure maybe a little hurt knowing you weren\’t the choice of companions but how much easier it could have been dealt with and no thoughts of what if and I wonder what else they\’re hiding. Honesty is always the best policy.
    better take this with a grain of salt seeing that I\’ve been dealing with someone also very close to me that\’s been being sneaky so much more so lately. Not sure why just wish I knew where that tatto of doormat is on my forehead. LOL!

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