Trying to Cope the Right Way

It’s not easy, living with a mental health issue.
I’m out here again, safely in St Lazare QC. thanks to my parents and sister Laura, who graciously made the arrangements to get me from my apartment to the halfway point along Highway 401 in Joyceville, where my Dad waited to drive me the remaining distance.
I had to get away again. I felt trapped, like the walls were closing in on me. I was tired all the time, yet couldn’t sleep properly, and a general feeling of…. Well, let’s call it "ugh" was becaming my daily companion. So, for a change I just decided to pack it all in and leave for a bit, rather than sit and wait until everything becomes overwhelming again.. Last thing I need is to go back to my illicit drug activity to get me through these times.
Admittedly, I have still some responsibilities to attend to, what with my being the Tenant Representative and an executive member of the Davenport Tenant Association, but the majority of what needs doing can be done from where ever I might be sitting at a given time, providing I have a computer with internet access.


One thought on “Trying to Cope the Right Way

  1. Never mind about your other responsibilities right now.  You just take good care of yourself.
    There are times in everyone\’s life when they need to put themselves first.  This is your time.
    The building will survive.  I want you back in good shape!!!

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